Pokémon Masters EX: Jasmine & Steelix Spotlight Scout

Pokemon Masters Jasmine Spotlight Scout

A new Spotlight Scout to Pokémon Masters EX featuring 5★ Jasmine & Steelix has been added to the game. This is just in time for the Battle Buffet Bash Prestige Event which will focus on Steel types like Gloria & Zacian.

Jasmine & Steelix can now be scouted until December 21st. In conjunction Jasmine & Steelix can be upgraded to 6★ EX. Scouting will also reward up to 25 Custom Power-Ups. For this sync pair you can use the daily discount 3 times per day.

About Jasmine & Steelix

This Gym Leader from Johto toughs out opponents' attacks with steely stamina.

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