Star Fighters Rapid Fire Kickstarter Preview and Gameplay | @alleycatgames

Live playthrough of the fast action dice rolling Kickstarter game Star Fighters Rapid Fire by Alley Cat Games. Back Star Fighters on Kickstarter About Star Fighters: Rapid Fire combines the excitement of real-time dice rolling with tactical starship combat. Each player hops into the cockpit of their own starfighter and duels it out in a dog fight to prove who is the superior pilot. The game plays in multiple modes 1 vs 1, 3 player free-for-all, 2 vs 2, or a solo mode where a single starfighter attacks an orbital space station. In the real-time phase all players roll and re-roll their command dice simultaneously, and assign them to the various functions of their starfighter. When a player has fully charged systems and is ready to act they may end the real-time phase by hitting the big red button and yelling, “Fire!” This means all players must cease rolling and allocating dice and move to the tactical phase. In the tactical phase players then alternate activating the systems they have

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