X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Trailer (2014)

The trailer for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past was been released and gives a little insight on what the movie's premise is going to be about. Based of the story arc of the same name, it pits the future X-Men against the past, in order to save it. In some of my past posts we have seen images and previews of the sentinel, but a trailer is always better. Watch the trailer by clicking Read More.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is scheduled for release on May 23rd, 2014, with a cast including McAvoy (Professor X), Jackman (Wolverine), Hoult (Beast), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), Patrick Stewart (Professor X), Ian McKellen (Magneto), Anna Paquin (Rogue), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), Peter Dinklage (Trask), Omar Sy (Bishop) and Halle Berry (Storm).

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