Daily @deviantART Picks for 07/29/2014 #Wolverine #TheWalkingDead #HarleyQuinn

Here are the deviantART Picks for 07/29/2014. Each day I highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. The picks can include; fan art, covers, pinups, colorists, inkers, digital rendering, and occasionally 3D modeling. Today we have a total of 9 deviantART picks.

If you are an artist and would like to be featured in a future post, post your deviantART ID in the comments section below.

Last 4 Picks

Fatal Attraction "Wolviner & Mageneto" by Emil Cabaltierra

X-23 by Joel Gomez

Savage Wolverine by Alvaro Jimenez

Daredevil by Charles "Chucky" Penero Jr

The Hobbit - Smoking Bilbo by Denis Medri

Harley Quinn by Garrett Blair

Iron Man by Art Thibert

Deadpool: Dracula's Gauntlet by Reilly Brown

The Walking Dead by Marco D Carrillo

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