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Life of the Amazonia by Bad Comet Games Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Bad Comet Games officially announced their followup to their first successful crowdfuding game Wild: Serengeti will be Life of the Amazonia. Bad Comet will also be renaming Wild: Serengeti to Life of the Serengeti due to trademark issues and to keep their nature themed games tied together. Life of the Amazonia is not a sequel  to Wild: Serengeti as the game is completely different in every way except that it carries on the beautiful Animal meeples everyone loved from Wild: Serengeti. As it is a game set in the Amazon Rainforest, Life of the Amazonia will invite you into the lush jungle of the Amazon to join in the mission of building an ecologically rich jungle. Every player will have their very own beautifully crafted jungle in front of their very eyes once the game concludes. The main mechanics that make up the game include bag building and pattern building. This will be a game in which players will build stronger resource pouches through bag building and use the resources to build t

Daily @deviantART Picks for 06-21-2014 #GIJoe #RedSonja #Starfire

Here are the deviantART Picks for 06/21/2014. Each day I highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. The picks can include; fan art, covers, pinups, colorists, inkers, digital rendering, and occasionally 3D modeling. Today I have a total of 9 deviantART picks.

If you are an artist and would like to be featured in a future post, post your deviantART ID in the comments section below.

Last 4 Picks

Red Sonja by AviKishundat

Jason vs Predator colors by SiriusSteve

Ramona Flowers by marciotakara

Thing by marciotakara

Dragon Tamer 4 "Oola Buridla" by shoze

Baroness by mdavidct

Starfire colors by spidermanfan2099

Storm Shadow by spidermanfan2099

The Fearless Defenders by shadowLynXer


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