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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

@Marvel Comics Solicits for June 2014

Want to know what's coming up for Marvel Comics in June and what to add to your Pull-List? The June 2014 Solicits have been released and can see them below. Also don't forget the solicits for; DC, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Zenescope, Valiant, Aspen, Boom!, Dynamite. And if you missed it, check out the past Marvel Comics Solicits.

Original Sin #3 (of 8) - $3.19
ANSWERS AT ALL COSTS. ⢠In the wake of last issue's explosion of secrets, the heroes of the Marvel U are reeling, leaving Nick Fury to stand alone. ⢠He Who Holds the Eye is still on the run, and now we meet his boss, the villainous mastermind behind the raid on the Watcher's lair. ⢠And in deep space, the Winter Soldier leads a team that uncovers the most bizarre murder of all.

Variant Cover
Original Sin #3 (of 8) (Adams Interlocking Battle Variant)
Original Sin #4 (of 8) - $3.19
TRUST NO ONE. NOT EVEN YOURSELF. One hero goes rogue. Another loses his head. Dr. Strange and the Punisher team up for a daring raid. And all trails now lead to one suspect. But he... how is that even possible?

Variant Cover
Original Sin #4 (of 8) (Adams Interlocking Battle Variant)
Fantastic Four #6 - $3.19
All New Invaders #6 - $2.59
Nova #18 - $3.19
Original Sin #3.1 - $3.19

Issues #3.2-3.4
Original Sin #3.2
Original Sin #3.3
Original Sin #3.4
Avengers #31 - $2.59
ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! Propelled fifty years into the future, the Avengers come face-to-face with the legacy of their actions!
Mighty Avengers #11 - $2.59
ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! Dr Adam Brashear, super-scientist! James Lucas, cop on the edge! Kaluu, master of black magic! Constance Molina, two-fisted reporter! The Bear, explosives expert and were-woman! Blade, vampire slayer! In 1972, they banded together to fight what couldn't be fought alone - as the Mighty Avengers! This issue, Luke Cage confronts his father - to learn the secrets of the Avengers that time forgot!
Deadpool #30 - $3.19
ORIGINAL SIN tie-in! Deadpool has recruited some GROOVY help in fighting vampires! Meanwhile: the secrets of Wade's past that Preston learned lead her to a surprise!
Savage Hulk #1 - $2.59
AN ALL-NEW SERIES!!! Alan Davis writes and draws a blockbuster story pitting the HULK against the X-MEN!?!?! Learn the startling secret of Professor Xavier's connection to Bruce Banner! Guest starring the Leader and the Abomination!
Dexter Down Under #5 (of 5) - $3.19
THE CHILLING CONCLUSION OF DEXTER'S INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE - WRITTEN BY HIS CREATOR JEFF LINDSAY! Dexter Morgan, the serial killer of serial killers, is on the trail of a new murdererbut he's away from his cool Miami beat and feeling the Australian heat! When everything is flipped Down Under, Dexter isn't the hunter-he's the prey! Not only is Dexter being stalked, he's trapped in a private big game preserve-where humans are the prize! Will this one end with a bang?
Miracleman #7 - $3.24
Miracleman and Mr. Cream descend into the jungles of Paraguay where the battle with Gargunza begins! Gargunza's shocking intentions for Liz Moran and her unborn child are revealed! An unexpected enemy may mean the death of Miracleman! Including material originally presented in WARRIOR #20-21 and MIRACLEMAN #6, plus bonus content.
Figment #1 (of 5) - $3.19
THE NEXT DISNEY ADVENTURE IS HERE - STARRING ONE OF DISNEY'S MOST POPULAR CHARACTERS! Dive into a steampunk fantasy story exploring the never-before-revealed origin of the inventor known as Dreamfinder, and how one little spark of inspiration created a dragon called Figment. What is the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus? Who is Blarion Mercurial? What is the Integrated Mesmonic Spark Convertor? Find out as we give a Marvel spin to Epcot's mind-bending attraction, Journey Into Imagination! Brought to you by the acclaimed and uniquely talented team of Jim Zub (Skullkickers) and Filipe Andrade (CAPTAIN MARVEL)!
New Avengers Annual #1 - $3.99
⢠The Incursions aren't the only horrors threatening to end the world! ⢠DOCTOR STRANGE has faced the impossible time and again as an Avenger and the Sorcerer Supreme, but when he is called upon to fulfill an old debt to an enclave of techno-monks high in the Himalayas, even the good doctor may be beyond his limits! ⢠Written by acclaimed young writer Frank J. Barbiere (Five Ghosts, The White Suits) and illustrated by the illustrious Marco Rudy (Swamp Thing, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man), this oversized annual is one you won't want to miss!
Avengers World #7 - $3.19
⢠What is SPEAR? Who are The Ascendant? ⢠In the face of an ancient evil, a rising super-power answers the call.

Issue #8
Avengers World #8
New Avengers #19 - $3.19
It's the battle you didn't know you wanted to see-until now! As the New Avengers take on the combined power of the Great Society-and only a single parallel Earth can survive!
New Avengers #20 - $3.19
How far is Doctor Strange willing to go to protect the Earth from the Great Society? Too far
Avengers Undercover #5 - $2.39
'DESCENT' PART 5 (OF 5): WHICH HEROES WILL JOIN THE MASTERS OF EVIL? Baron Zemo has made our young superhumans an offer they can't refuse-or can they? Who agrees to join the Masters of Evil-and who goes rogue?

Issue #6
Avengers Undercover #6
Secret Avengers #4 - $3.19
'INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT' The Fury reappears inside the Kowloon Walled City -- which is deep inside the Chinese territory. Who you gonna call? ⢠No-one, but Nick Fury, Hawkeye and a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come anyway. Problems? You bet. The Kowloon gangs want The Fury as well. ⢠On the Helicarrier, someone dies. The ground is not steady. Things escalate.
Uncanny Avengers #21 - $3.19
AVENGE THE EARTH Finale! This is it! The conclusion to an epic two years in the making and rest assured nothing will ever be the same again! ⢠The final battle will not be with the enemy--it will be with ourselves. In our darkest hour The Avengers Unity Squad unite entirely and the fate of the seven futures decided!
All New Ultimates #3 - $3.19
FROM THE CREATOR OF THE HIT COMIC 'COPRA' Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man! Cloak & Dagger! Bombshell! Black Widow! Kitty Pride! The next generation of ULTIMATES is here, but are they in over their heads? They've fought Galactus but can they survive super-powered street gangs and a psycho trying to clean up the streets?

Issue #4
All New Ultimates #4
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man #2 - $3.19
PART TWO OF THE BIGGEST SPIDER-MAN STORY OF THE YEAR 'REVIVAL' After the mind-blowing reveal at the end of the first issue, miles life will NEVER be the same again. With SHIELD gone, the biggest villain in SPIDER-MAN history is out and nothing can stop him. Miles has made a huge choice about the woman he loves. Will he live to regret it?
Ultimate FF #3 - $3.19
'PALACE OF THE BRINE' (PART 2 of 2) Invasion from a parallel Earth! A new ATLANTIS will rise! Will NAMOR massacre his own people to survive?
Spider-Man Spectacular #1 - $3.99
Four titanic tales set in Spider-Man's past! Young Peter Parker has mastered his newfound spider-powers, but how will being the Amazing Spider-Man affect his personal life? Can Peter keep his secret identity from Aunt May, and his high-school crush Liz Allan? Spider-Man's luck is about to get worse, as an experimental serum transforms millionaire Harry Osborn into the villainous Green Goblin! Spider-Man soon finds himself locked in a battle high above the streets - with Aunt May caught in the middle! Can Spidey triumph with a little help from his new fan club? When Kraven the Hunter puts Spider-Man in his sights, can the webbed wonder save himself from becoming the catch of the day?
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #14 - $2.59
A year of duplicity and double crossing leads to this - who will live, who will die, who will get the head of Silvermane? Spencer and Lieber bring this rollicking tail of evil to it's penultimate hour!
Amazing Spider-Man #3 - $3.19
Because of her last encounter with Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy lost everything. Now the Black Cat is back, and she doesn't want any apologies or excuses... just REVENGE. ⢠Plus: Spidey teams up with a real hero, fireman Pedro Olivera... who just happens to be the current boyfriend to one Mary Jane Watson. And... more on you-know-who from the opening scene back in ASM #1. You know who we're talking about. Yeah, that's right. You better not miss this one!
Amazing Spider-Man #1.2 - $2.59
J. Jonah's Jameson's crusade against Spider-Man kicks into overdrive! He warned us! He told us that kids might try to emulate Spider-Man! And he was RIGHT! Meet CLASH, New York's newest menace. He may be Spidey's biggest fan, but he's about to become one of his worst enemies. ⢠Wanted by the cops, turned away by the Fantastic Four, his grades are slipping, and he still hasn't figured out this whole crime-fighting-thing. Pete's not a hero... not yet... but he'll get there. Somehow.
Iron Man #27 - $3.19
RINGS OF THE MANDARIN COMES TO A STARTLING CONCLUSION!!! The MANDARINS rampage reaches its climax. Who can TONY STARK count as an ally? The TRUTH behind the Mandarins. Can Tony's Fellowship manage to defeat the Lords of the Rings?

Issue #28
Iron Man #28
Inhuman #3 - $3.19
The first arc of Inhuman climaxes in the battle of Medusa vs. Lash! Uncover the secret history of an ancient branch of Inhumans! A new Inhuman named Flint sees his world fall apart before his eyes!
Winter Soldier Bitter March #5 (of 5) - $3.19
The Winter Solder is dead--long live Bucky! The conclusion, the terrible decision that will forever change Ran Shen! Witness the birth of the man who will one day destroy Steve Rogers! Enter: The Iron Nail!
Captain America #21 - $2.59
This is it, the one you don't want to miss: The beginning of the end of Steve Rogers.! The Iron Nail breaks Captain America! ⢠Steve Rogers lays a final sacrifice on the altar of freedom.
Loki Agent Of Asgard #5 - $1.94
Nobody else would have done it - because nobody else would have the nerve! Loki's crew comes together to crack the deepest dungeons of Asgardia itself! It's the ultimate caper - but is there one plot twist too many for even the God of Trickery to handle? This movie rated :( for tears before bedtime.
Thor God Of Thunder #23 - $3.19
THE LAST DAYS OF MIDGARD Part Five Thor's war to save the earth comes to its epic conclusion. In the far future, King Thor makes a dark decision that may save the day, but at what cost? And in present-day Broxton, Oklahoma, Thor makes a final stand against the forces of ROXXON, but not even a god can save everyone.
Black Widow #7 - $3.19
'Fog of War' Natasha returns to San Francisco
Hawkeye #21 - $2.39
The Finale, Part 1: David. Clint. Barney. The Building. The Tracksuit Draculas. The Clown. Ever seen 'Rio Bravo?' Check it out, it's pretty good.
Silver Surfer #4 - $3.19
In order to return alien abductee Dawn Greenwood home, the Surfer must travel to the one place in the galaxy he dreads the most... Planet Earth! ⢠And what should be a quick drop off turns into turns into one very... strange adventure. Featuring: DOCTOR STRANGE, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, and some surprise guest stars. Including those movie stars on the cover!
Thunderbolts #27 - $2.39
THE PUNISHER VS. THE THUNDERBOLTS, PART 1 Writers Ben Acker & Blacker, creators of The Thrilling Adventure Hour and writers of the 2013 Thunderbolts Annual, take control of the TBOLTS AND TEAR THEM APART! Guest-starring The Avengers!
Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #2 (of 4) - $3.19
Shang-Chi versus mystical kung-fu masters in the streets of London! With a little help from THE DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON! Terrible truths about Shang's fallen comrade revealed!
Punisher #6 - $3.19
The electrifying conclusion to the Dos Soles story! Will L.A. burn, or can Frank fight fire with fire? And even if Frank can overcome A.I.M. and the Dos Soles, can he escape the ever-tightening noose of the Howling Commandos?
Punisher #7 - $2.59
The international best-selling author of NOT A GOOD DAY TO DIE, KEVIN MAURER joins Nathan Edmondson to tell a story of Punisher in jungle warfare! ⢠A group of American soldiers are being held prisoner by a South American drug lord, and suddenly a new prisoner arrives Frank Castle! But not all is as it seems on EITHER side of the bars in this jail tale!
New Warriors #5 - $3.19
With half the team trapped in the bowels of mysterious and very probably haunted WUNDAGORE MOUNTAIN, the rest of the all-new New Warriors deal with the bar scene in Prague! A look inside the mind of happy go lucky SPEEDBALL, the most hated man in America. A dog and cat play chess, the result of which could destroy NEW YORK CITY.

Issue #6
New Warriors #6
All New Ghost Rider #4 - $3.19
'ENGINES OF VENGEANCE' The streets of East LA flare up with drug-fueled gang violence form DR. ZABO's power-enhancing narcotic. Will ROBBIE REYES submit to the spirit inside him and go too far in protecting the neighborhood? What is MR. HYDE's diabolical plan to expand his underground empire?
She-hulk #5 - $2.39
She-Hulk & Hellcat must uncover the secrets of the Blue File - a conspiracy that touches the entire Marvel Universe! This new mystery brings us She-Hulk's most terrifying role ever: DEFENDANT! Charles Soule (THUNDERBOLTS) and Ron Wemberly (MIGHTY AVENGERS) continue the smash hit of All-New Marvel Now!
Elektra #3 - $3.19
The seductress of the sai makes the hunt look easy--but this might be one quest Elektra's not prepared for. Further plunging into the deep crevices of the Marvel Universe, her quest for Cape Crow becomes murkier, as the hit is not what it seems. Will Elektra do what she's never done before--and protect the mark?
Moon Knight #4 - $3.19
Moon Knight goes somewhere even more messed up than his own mind. Something is happening to the subjects of a sleep experiment that's driving them all insane. Go with Moon Knight to the Mushroom graveyard planet for the most troubling and disturbing issue yet!
Iron Patriot #4 - $3.19
'UNBREAKABLE' PART 4' With the plan out in the open, will IRON PATRIOT be forced to execute the horrible deed? Can Lila turn the tide? Will she survive long enough to? 'Kill him.'
Daredevil #4 - $3.19
The Owl is back! But he's not working alone! Watch as the Daredevil team permanently redefines one of DD's oldest enemies deadlier than ever! Plus--whatever happened to Foggy Nelson?
Captain Marvel #4 - $3.19
Captain Marvel has a hunch about the REAL reason behind the forced resettlement of the Rocket Girl's people and sets out with a new crew to find proof! Turns out Carol's got a history with the man behind the plot. Rut roh. What time is it? When the bad guy tries to blackmail our hero and use the Avengers against her⦠Could it be PAYBACK TIME?
Ms Marvel #5 - $1.94
How does a young girl from Jersey City become the next biggest super hero? Kamala has no idea either. But she's comin' for you, New York.
Hulk #4 - $2.59
'BANNER DOA' TAKES A MIND-BLOWING TURN! To stop HULK from destroying the AVENGERS a dangerous plan is put into play Bruce Banner's brain damage is cured, but at what cost? What forbidden knowledge has TONY STARK used to save his friend?
Iron Fist Living Weapon #3 - $3.19
K'UN LUN IN RUINS! Ninja nurses versus killers in suits! Our villain's face revealed, and it's one terribly close to Danny Rand's heart!
Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #27 - $2.39
Heroing is hard work, so the team sneaks off to a desert island for an impromptu vacation! But it's hard to relax when the beach beneath your feet is the villainous Sandman!
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble #9 - $1.94
The fiendish Attuma send monsters and a giant tidal waves to sink the island of Manhattan! Hulk must prove that he is the strongest one there isor perish!
Guardians Of Galaxy #16 - $3.19
Starlord on the run from a mysterious new adversary- alone without the aid of the Guardians!
Uncanny X-Men Special #1 - $3.99
UNCANNY X-MEN, IRON MAN & NOVA CROSS OVER! Cyclops is kidnapped, but by who?! But what force could bring the Children of the Atom, the Armored Avenger and the Human Rocket together!

Variant Cover
Uncanny X-Men Special #1 (Interlocking Variant Cover Edition)
Uncanny X-Men #22 - $2.59
The war between the Uncanny X-Men and S.H.I.E.L.D. heats up! Can Cyclops and his team track down the source of this new brand of sentinels? And is S.H.I.E.L.D. really behind these attacks?
Amazing X-Men Annual #1 - $3.99
Storm and the Amazing X-Men go to Africa! A death in Storm's family sheds light on a new threat to the X-Men!
Amazing X-Men #8 - $3.19
Wolverine takes a trip back to Canada But when he discovers that an old friend is missing, his visit soon transforms into a hairy situation. New writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost!
Cyclops #2 - $3.19
A father and son mend fences the best way possible - on an intergalactic road trip! Stop one? The spectacular resort world of Dixzit, where Scott flirts with aliens. Badly! But what's the dark secret of Dixzit? Greg Rucka (PUNISHER) and Russel Dauterman (Nightwing) uncover the clues!
All New X-Men #28 - $3.19
The future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants make their next devastating step against the sanctity of the X-Men. Plus, more on the new mysteries surrounding Jean Grey!
All New X-Factor #9 - $3.19
The team faces unexpected consequences for 'saving' a young girl. ⢠Plus: Gambit does something naughty.
All New Doop #3 (of 5) - $3.19
Behind the scenes and beyond the margins of Battle for the Atom, Doop's unrequited love for Kitty continues unabated, forcing the little green guy to drag Bobby Drake into Doopland for some highly unusual questioning. Doop discovers that Raze is not really future Kitty Pryde. But the shapey-shapeshifter has a VERY dark secret that just might stop Doop from telling the other X-Men the truth about his identity.
X-Men #15 - $3.19
A generational saga/war unfolds... mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and one poor mall rat named Jubilee caught in the middle.. The JGS has always been a school. Is it time to become an army? Or will their differences prove their greatest asset?
Wolverine #8 - $3.19
Logan, Iron Fist, Shang Chi vs. an army of deadly ninja. Three Months to Die - The title says it all!
Wolverine #9 - $3.19
Stranded in Japan, Logan confronts his future and it ain't a bright one. It's all lead up to this - the next chapter of Wolverine's life begins now! Three Months to Die - The title says it all!
Savage Wolverine #20 - $2.59
Meet the sole survivor of the Valentine's Day Massacre - WOLVERINE! Gangsters, bullets, babes, villains, heroes and murder! Frank Tieri returns to Wolverine with Felix Ruiz of Wolverine MAX fame for a showdown in Capone's town!
Wolverine and the X-Men #5 - $3.19
Wolverine's at the mercy of the Phoenix Corporation while Storm races to save the Jean Grey School! Only Evan can save Fantomex from death - but dare he? Latour and Asrar continue the smash hit of All New Marvel now!
Nightcrawler #3 - $3.19
Racing across the globe to save his nearest and dearest from the fate he just escaped, Nightcrawler makes a grim discovery: Could it be his return that set these events in motion in the first place?
Magneto #5 - $3.19
Magneto continues his crusade of safeguarding the future of mutantkind by whatever means he deems necessary, all the while pursued by agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But now someone new is hot on the trail of the Master of Magnetism. Someone with ties to his past. Will she be his greatest ally or his downfall or both?
Deadpool vs. Carnage #4 (of 4) - $3.19
Will Carnage spread Deadpool all over the landscape? Or will Deadpool talk the scarlet sociopath's ear off? Find out in the conclusion to the 2014 Insanity Cup!
X-Force #6 - $3.19
The explosive conclusion of the first arc of X-FORCE! The unthinkable has occurred! One of the team is dead and the others are held captive by their newest foe: the swaggering oligarch VOLGA. Struggling to save their own lives, X-Force's secrets come to light as they use everything in their arsenal to survive. But when the dust settles, will these revealed truths ultimately tear them apart?
United States Of Murder Inc #2 - $2.59
This new crime epic saga from the creators of POWERS continues! Welcome to a world where the influence of organized crime has risen to a place where parts of the United States are actually fully controlled by the five families. At the end of last issue, the biggest secret in history of the five families was revealed! The newest made man, Valentine, now must figure out how he and his associate, Jagger Rose, are supposed to continue on knowing what they now know. Every issue delivers powerful visuals by Eisner Award winner Michael Avon Oeming and a story by the writer of some of your favorite Marvel comics including ALL-NEW X-MEN!


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