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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

@DCComics Solicits for June 2014 @Vertigo_Comics

Want to know what's coming up for DC and Vertigo Comics in June and what to add to your Pull-List? The June 2014 Solicits have been released and you can see them below. Also don't forget the solicits for Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Zenescope, Valiant, Aspen, Boom!, Dynamite. And if you missed it, check out the past DC Comics Solicits.

Infinity Man And The Forever People #1 - $1.94
Four of the best students from New Genesis arrive on Earth to study and aid in the advancement of humanity - but they soon discover a darker purpose to their mission: a threat so great that it may bring the multiverse itself to its knees! The only thing that stands between them and total destruction is the mysterious entity known as the Infinity Man! Don't miss the start of this new series by Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen, the team that brought you the over-the-top adventures of O.M.A.C.!
Justice League #32 - $3.19
Lex Luthor continues his acclimation to his life as a one of the world's greatest heroes as they search for the mysterious power threatening to unravel our world. But are his sights really set on the Dark Knight? And are the Dark Knight's set on him? Plus, someone else is targeting Luthor and his new allies - a man who believes himself Luthor's superior in every way...and maybe he is! Here comes The Chief and his treacherous Doom Patrol to The New 52!

Variant Cover 
Justice League #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
New 52 Futures End #5 - $2.39
Mr. Terrific unveils his latest technical achievement - but will it take over the DC Universe? Plus, Firestorm's inner conflict explodes!

Issues #6-8
New 52 Futures End #6
New 52 Futures End #7
New 52 Futures End #8
Justice League United #2 - $3.19
It's all out battle issue as Hawkman has a showdown with Lobo as the League is teleported to Rann to face the shape-changing alien called Byth! This looks like a job for Supergirl!

Variant Cover 
Justice League United #2 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Justice League Dark #32 - $3.19
Lost in the living dimension called The Between, the Justice League Dark fights to save Zatanna's soul! Will Nightmare Nurse's sacrifice save them all or damn them to an eternity of nothingness?

Variant Cover
Justice League Dark #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Secret Origins #3 - $3.99
Green Lantern takes center stage this month in as tale by Robert Venditti and Martin Cocollo! And don't miss the origin of Batwoman by Marc Andreyko and Trevor McCarthy, and Red Robin's origin, courtesy of Scott Lobdell and Tyler Kirkham !
Flash #32 - $2.39
Flash Facts for this issue: 1. The Flash confronts the serial killer stalking Central City! 2. Barry tries to repair his fractured relationship with Wally West! 3. Future Flash continues to move toward the present for a final confrontation with one of the Rogues! Who will he kill next?

Variant Cover
Flash #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Aquaman And The Others #3 - $2.39
Aquaman learns the secret behind the Atlantean relics The Others use! Plus, a member abandons the team during a deadly battle against the Solokovs!
Aquaman #32 - $2.39
Aquaman thought his battles against ancient Greek monsters and the powerful Swamp Thing were as macabre as life could get⦠but he'll see how wrong he was when the hideous Chimera attacks!

Variant Cover 
Aquaman #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Green Arrow #32 - $2.39
With Seattle under siege and Diggle in the grip of crime lord Richard Dragon, the Queen Legacy must find a way to move on. But is that even possible given the violent aftermath of The Outsiders War? A brand-new storyline and perfect jumping-on point to Lemire and Sorrentino's popular run, as 'Green Arrow: Broken' begins here!
Justice League 3000 #7 - $2.39
They've been plotting for months, and now Cadmus' plans come to fruition! The FIVE's true leader is revealed at last! And The Flash dies - again! It's just another a day in the life of the future Justice League.
Trinity Of Sin Pandora #12 - $1.94
Pandora's world continues to crumble as fellow immortal Vandal Savage makes her wish she really could die!
Phantom Stranger #20 (Trinity Of Sin) - $2.39
'The Crack in Creation' concludes! The Spectre arrives to aid the Stranger as Non and Sin Eater threaten to reshape our reality. But can The Spectre be trusted - or will he sacrifice an entire world to get his revenge on the Phantom Stranger?
Constantine #15 - $1.94
John Constantine witnesses the horrifying reach of magic when he meets the world's wealthiest mage - a woman who's been draining all the good luck out of her home city of Hong Kong and benefiting from the suffering of millions!
Earth 2 #24 - $2.39
Aquawoman leads Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and The Flash to battle Beguiler in the middle of the ocean! And Superman makes an unprecedented move that could change the future of Earth 2!

Variant Cover
Earth 2 #24 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Worlds Finest #24 - $2.39
Get ready for action as Power Girl and Huntress begin their journey back to Earth 2! Plus, Desaad returns!
Wonder Woman #32 - $2.39
The casualties are mounting as Wonder Woman's divine family tears itself apart - and Diana prepares to make everyone feel her power as the God of War!

Variant Cover
Wonder Woman #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Superman Wonder Woman #9 - $2.59
'SUPERMAN: DOOMED' continues with 'ENEMY OF THE STATE'! As things get more dire on Earth for him, the Man of Steel may have to go into exile in space, but the self-proclaimed protectors of Sector 2814, the Red Lanterns, don't want him there either! Don't miss this deadly face-off between Kal and Kara!

Variant Cover 
Superman Wonder Woman #9 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Superman #32 - $3.19
'THE MAN OF TOMORROW' chapter 1! A NEW ERA for SUPERMAN begins as Geoff Johns takes the reigns - and he's joined by the legendary super-talent of John Romita, Jr. in his first-ever work for DC Comics as they introduce Ulysses, the Man of Tomorrow, into the Man of Steel's life. This strange visitor shares many of Kal-El's experiences, including having been rocketed from a world with no future. Prepare yourself for a run full of new heroes, new villains and new mysteries! Plus, Perry White offers Clark a chance to return to The Daily Planet!

Variant Covers 
Superman #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Superman #32 Blank Variant Ed
Action Comics #32 - $3.19
'SUPERMAN: DOOMED' continues with 'ENEMY OF THE STATE' as Superman struggles against the Doomsday virus - but is he losing the fight? How much longer can he stay in control? And how far will he be pushed when he's faced with a world against him and a shocking betrayal at the end of this issue?

Variant Cover
Action Comics #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Superboy #32 - $1.94
The return of the son of Superman to the present day means an all-new Superboy for The New 52! Jon Lane Kent takes off for a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. lab and finds Ravagers - and the Superboy clone body captured by Harvest! What comes next changes Jon's life forever!
Batman Superman #12 - $3.19
A new arc begins following the events of 'FIRST CONTACT.' The worlds of Batman and Superman come to an explosive clash as something terrible happens to the World's Finest team, and a Dark Knight who is not quite himself must team up with Lois Lane to find a missing Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle encounters a person of amazing strength who has no idea who he is.

Variant Cover
Batman Superman #12 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Batman Eternal #9 - $2.39
As the weekly Batman epic continues, the questions continue to mount. In this issue, find out why Batman is in Hong Kong teaming up with Mr. Unknown!

Issues #10-12
Batman Eternal #10
Batman Eternal #11
Batman Eternal #12
Batman #32 - $3.19
The penultimate issue of ZERO YEAR is here! Batman gets one step closer to the endgame with The Riddler as the final chapter of ZERO YEAR: SAVAGE CITY draws closer to its stunning finale!

Variant Cover
Batman #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Detective Comics #32 - $3.19
The next great Batman murder-mystery continues to unfold in 'Icarus' part three, brought to you by the acclaimed creative team of THE FLASH! Batman is caught in the clutches of the crime boss known as 'The Squid' as he digs deeper into a whodunit for the ages!

Variant Cover
Detective Comics #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Batman And Ras Al Ghul #32 - $2.39
'The Hunt for Robin' concludes! Batman has caught up to Ra's al Ghul, and the battle for the bodies of Talia and Damian begins!

Variant Cover
Batman And Ras Al Ghul #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Batwoman #32 - $1.94
At last, Nocturna makes her presence in The New 52 known! And Batwoman must face her past when her former girlfriend from West Point comes to town!

Variant Cover
Batwoman #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Batgirl #32 - $2.39
Clandestine meetings, tapped phones, video surveillance - Barbara Gordon is being watched! Who has it in for her, and how can Batgirl investigate without compromising her secret identity?

Variant Cover
Batgirl #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Harley Quinn #7 - $1.94
Welcome to Ladies' Night, where Harley gets her butt kicked by Big Bertha Bensonhurts at the roller derby, starts a massive bar fight and teams up with Poison Ivy to find out who hired all those pesky assassins!

Variant Cover
Harley Quinn #7 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Harley Quinn #0 Directors Cut - $3.99
The sold-out, four-wall breaking issue that jump-started Harley's bestselling new series is back! This special issue features a new cover by Amanda Conner, commentary by the writers and many of the superstar artists, plus unpublished material, top entries from the talent search, sketch material and more!
Birds Of Prey #32 - $2.39
It's time to settle some scores! Amanda Waller may have kept Kurt Lance alive, but she also kept him hidden from Black Canary. Now it's on: Birds of Prey vs. the Suicide Squad!
Catwoman #32 - $2.39
The Race of Outlaws takes a major turn as we find out Catwoman has entered the race as a double agent! But who is she working for? And how will it affect her efforts for her favorite team - herself!
Batwing #32 - $2.39
The final showdown between Batwing and Menace is here!
Red Hood And The Outlaws #32 - $2.39
After stopping a nuclear explosion, Red Hood and the Outlaws find themselves in the crosshairs of S.H.A.D.E.!
Sinestro #3 - $1.94
Sinestro's daughter, Soranik Natu, is back at her father's side, whether she likes it or not! But does she actually believe in the destiny that Sinestro sees for her? And what will Sinestro's newest Yellow Lanterns think of serving alongside a despised Green Lantern?
Green Lantern #32 - $2.39
'UPRISING!' part 3! In the midst of a bloody interstellar revolution against the Green Lantern Corps, the Durlans make a move to claim the ultimate position of power for themselves! But the battered Corps' only hope is intel possessed by a sworn enemy, Nol-Anj!

Variant Cover
Green Lantern #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Green Lantern Corps #32 - $2.39
'UPRISING!' part 4! The casualties of the uprising against the Green Lantern Corps reach monumental proportions as the Durlans reveal their sinister endgame! John Stewart leads his ragtag team of Lanterns against an army of shape-shifters that can assume any form. Meanwhile, one Lantern must decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice to give the Corps any hope in this war.

Variant Cover
Green Lantern Corps #32 (Bombshells Variant Cover Edition)
Green Lantern New Guardians #32 - $2.39
There's a new terror in the universe as the body-snatching Psions are introduced to The New 52! In space you can - and will - hear a New Guardian scream!
Larfleeze #12 - $1.94
With 'help' from the Wanderer and G'nort, Larfleeze sets out to destroy the Council of Ten!
Red Lanterns #32 - $2.39
Guy Gardner has a difficult decision to make: deciding if the newest Red Lantern, Supergirl, is fit for battleâ¦especially when that battle is against Atrocitus himself! The war between the two factions of Red Lanterns is on, and there will be blood!
All Star Western #32 - $3.19
Now returned to the 1800s, Hex sets out to settle some scores the only way he knows how: violently! And he's going to start with an impostor who stole his identity!
Swamp Thing #32 - $2.39
Swamp Thing versus Aquaman! See the other side of the battle that exploded between these two forces of nature last month in AQUAMAN #31! Is Swamp Thing guilty of the crimes Aquaman is accusing him of?
Batman 66 Meets Green Hornet #1 (of 6) - $2.39
In 1967, television history was made when two masked crime fighters met in a historic crossover. Now, superstar filmmaker Kevin Smith and actor/comedian Ralph Garman join forces with artist Ty Templeton (BATMAN '66) to bring these two iconic characters and their famous partners together again. Set in the continuity of that earlier team-up, Batman, The Green Hornet, Robin and Kato must go up against a very different General (formerly Colonel) Gumm. What crime could be so deadly as to force these rivals to put aside their differences and join forces again? And what surprise does Gumm have up his sticky sleeve? Co-published with Dynamite Entertainment.
Adventures Of Superman #14 - $3.19
The Joker's in town...and he wants to meet Superman! Find out what happens next in this one-of-a-kind story from Chronicle writer Max Landis and legendary artist Jock (GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE)! Plus, don't miss Clark Kent's babysitting adventures as he looks after none other than Sugar and Spike!
Batman 66 #12 - $3.19
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, holds all the cards! While Batman and Robin try to track her down for her latest crime, Marsha and her cohorts tunnel their way into the Batcave. She's been after the Bat Diamond for some time. Will she finally get it? Then find out what the Dynamic Duo must resort to when The Minstrel makes it impossible for them to get to the Batcave and their costumes.
Injustice Year Two #6 - $1.94
Superman, Shazam and Sinestro square off in space against the Green Lantern Corps for one final showdown. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Superman's super-powered security force has begun its clampdown on Gotham City and Commissioner Gordon is not happy. Riots break out with deadly results. Even with enhanced powers from the stolen super pills, are the Birds of Prey ready to make their stand?
Scribblenauts Unmasked Crisis Of Imagination #6 - $2.39
Maxwell and Superman make several unlikely allies in the fight against General Zod while the rest of the heroes are trapped in the Phantom Zone! Plus: The Anti-Monitor arrives!
Smallville Season 11 Lantern #3 (of 4) - $3.19
A rain of yellow 'stars' falls on Gotham City even as Superman and the Green Lantern John Stewart face a threat from Oa's past that has reappeared on the moon. Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow and the Wonder Woman from the DEO are doing their best, but they need help. When Clark returns to Earth, will John's luck run out?
Vampire Diaries #6 - $2.59
When a house fire takes the life of a Mystic Falls cheerleader, Elena and her friends are skeptical - after all, Annie's dad died years before in a fire, too. But when the town police begin to investigate, Stefan Salvatore is drawn into the intrigue as part of a love triangleand the prime suspect in this grisly murder!
Batman Beyond Universe #11 - $3.19
'Justice Lords Beyond' continues as the shocking truth behind Wonder Woman's return is finally revealed! Plus: Lord Superman vs. Batman-oh yeah, it's on now!!!
He Man And The Masters Of The Universe #14 - $2.39
A new chapter is dawning in Eternia as 'THE BLOOD OF GREYSKULL' begins! As an ancient evil from Eternia's past returns, Princess Adora must continue on her road to redemption. But when she is confronted with tragic news by her brother He-Man, brother and sister must unite to fight against The Horde and find the secrets of the Greyskull legacy.
Tiny Titans Return To The Treehouse #1 (of 6) - $1.94
The Eisner Award-winning series is back for an all-new six-issue miniseries! Superboy and Supergirl return to the treehouse to discoverIT'S MISSING! Or is it justreally small? Who could have done such a thing?! Find out as all your favorite Tiny Titans search for answers!
Scooby Doo Where Are You #46 - $2.39
When Shaggy and Scooby dig up a mysterious artifact on the beach, they take it to the local college, where the head of the Marine Archaeology Department claims to have recovered hundreds of similar artifacts - evidence that the lost civilization of Atlantis was real! So when some creatures calling themselves Atlanteans show up to cause trouble, the whole gang has to figure out what's up.
Looney Tunes #219 - $2.39
Wile E. Coyote is sure that attending a self-improvement lecture will lead him to glorious victory over the Road Runner. The panels are inspirational, and he knows just the Acme Products to put their ideas into practice! But the featured speaker has other ideas.
Teen Titans Go #4 - $2.39
As the Teen Titans engage in an epic game of 'Go Fish,' the Hive-Five comes knocking at their door! Then, tired of finishing second, an ultra-competitive Robin comes up with a plan to show the rest of the Titans that he's actually the best!
American Vampire Second Cycle #4 - $2.39
The fangs are longer, the claws are sharper and the mythos grows as Scott Snyder brings Pearl and Skinner head to head with their most vicious opponent yet. Is it possible to finally destroy a breed of vamps who can walk in the sun?
Astro City #13 - $3.19
24 hours. 24 pages. A robot. A bank robber named Gundog. The Hanged Man. Jack-In-The-Box. The eternal, mysterious Dancing Master. And a whole lot of romance. One of ASTRO CITY's most unusual stories, of city-wide turmoil and changing lives, all in a single day.
Fables #141 - $2.39
'HAPPILY EVER AFTER!' part 1. Good knight vs. bad knight. King Arthur vs. Morgan le Fay. Rose Red vs. Snow White. The two sisters are caught up in the roles Camelot has set for them, and now they're ready for battle. Plus, don't miss the backup story illustrated by P. Craig Russell!
Coffin Hill #8 - $2.39
Arrested for the murder of a fellow Boston cop, Eve takes a journey into her past and delves into the terrible truth about the night she caught up with the notorious Ice Fisher. Meanwhile, in Coffin Hill, Nate struggles to protect the town's remaining witches from an outside menace, while in Boston, Eve confronts an evil that never left, and realizes that even though she caught the Ice Fisher, the case is far from closed... The second story arc of COFFIN HILL begins here!
FBP Federal Bureau Of Physics #11 - $2.39
One man's reality is another man's machine gun shootout! Adam and Rosa are up against more than they bargained for, but physics could be on their good side for once! The dicey adventures of everyone's favorite FBP agents continue here!
Hinterkind #8 - $1.94
After being rescued from death's door by the Ogrekin, Prosper and Jon Hobb find themselves drawn into a murder investigation as the hand of the Vampire Nation moves across the land. Meanwhile, Asa can't believe his eyes as a familiar face is seemingly back from the dead.
Royals Masters Of War #5 (of 6) - $2.39
As the Allied forces prepare to invade France, Hitler's V2 rockets decimate London, and King Albert is faced with the knowledge that, despite his best efforts, he could not protect his children from the war. The effects of the Stalingrad mission leave Rose's sanity in tatters, while Henry must battle his morally bankrupt brother, Arthur, to try and convince him to join the Normandy armada. But Arthur left Henry to die once before, and the Nazi's spy in London is about to be revealed...
Unwritten Vol. 2 Apocalypse #6 - $3.19
'The Fisher King,' part 1 of 3. As Pullman's cold war against stories turns hot, it's in stories that Tom must find the weapons and allies he'll need to beat him. And the best weapon of all is one a thousand knights have quested for...
Wake #10 (of 10) - $2.39
The series Buzzfeed called 'the best horror comic of the year' and Comics Alliance rated 'most unpredictable' and 'uncanny and uncategorizable' comes to a shocking conclusion. Will Leeward uncover a history buried thousands of leagues beneath the sea - or will the waves come crashing down on what little land is left?

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