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CMON's SDCC Exclusives: A Betrayal to Loyal Fans and Backers?

In recent years, CMON has built a reputation for creating some of the most beloved board games in the industry. Titles like Zombicide, Dune, Cyberpunk 2077, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Arcadia Quest and Marvel United have garnered a dedicated fanbase, many of whom have supported these games through Kickstarter campaigns and retail purchases. However, CMON's recent decision to make exclusive content for these games available only at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has sparked significant outrage among its loyal supporters. The Exclusivity Issue At the heart of the controversy are the exclusive expansions and content for Zombicide: White Death, Cthulhu: Death May Die, and Marvel United. These exclusives include: Zombicide: White Death TMNT Expansion: Featuring comics and Rocksteady and Bebop miniatures for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles expansion. This expansion is only available at SDCC, but was highly requested by backers during the entire campaign. Godzilla Expansion for Cthulhu: Death M

Justice League United Launches & Lex Luthor Joins the Justice League in April

DC announced last year that it would be changing the DC universe forever after it's current Forever Evil event. First was that Justice League of America was going to be retitled Justice League Canada. The second was that Lex Luthor was going to have a bigger part in the DCU.

DC announced both stories this week. The first is that Justice League of America will actually end and will be rebooted as Justice League United. They will have a #0 issue in April followed by a #1. Writer Jeff Lemire along with artist Mike McKone, were originally slated to turn Justice League of America into Justice League Canada, but after talks with DC, they all agreed that just changing the title to "Canada" may be a little limiting, so they're starting a whole new series instead. This still means that JLA will be ending in April.
"As a result, JLA will be ending in April and my book will become a brand new ongoing series called JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED! Justice League United will launch in April with an extra-sized Zero Issue followed by #1 in May. And the first storyline will be titled: Justice League Canada. The team will still be based in Canada and the book will still introduce a brand new First Nations Canadian superhero to the DC Universe. More details on this new character, her origin and her powers, will be released in the weeks to come."
The team will have their headquarters in Moosonee, Ontario and will be made up of these members: Animal Man, Green Arrow, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Alanna Strange, and Hawkman.

The second announcement was more of a shocker than the first. Lex Luthor will be leading the Justice League after the events of Forever Evil. During Forever Evil Lex Luthor took a stand against the Crime Syndicate, and he somewhat became a hero (although very similar to what Norman Osborn did during Secret Invasion and the Skrulls). According to the latest news, Lex is indeed turning from villain to full-fledged hero.

In a report by the Associated Press, the cover to April's Justice League #30 (due out April 23rd) shows the League's newest member.
"Is he going to lead the Justice League? It depends on whom you ask on the team. Certainly, he thinks he should," said series writer Geoff Johns.
What does it mean for the Justice League, not only are we missing Superman, The Flash and a Green Lantern, but we also find Shazam and Captain Cold on the cover. Does this mean the team is going thru a shakeup, and because Lex is on the team did Sups quit?
"Is he going to lead the Justice League? It depends on whom you ask on the team. Certainly, he thinks he should," said series writer Geoff Johns, who said "the Justice League will have to rebuild its reputation and its dynamic among members Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Cyborg and former Flash rogue Captain Cold."
It seems in the "post-Forever Evil world, the lines between good and bad will become a bit blurry" (but to be honest DC has been crossing that line since the launch of the New 52). It's a different world and it just might take someone like Lex to try to keep it safe. Will the Justice League really be able to work with Lex, or is this just a publicity stunt by DC where he will show up for an issue saying I'm the Justice League and when the real Leaguers return, he backs down?
"I think the most interesting thing is that Lex doesn't realize what it's like to be a super hero, what the life is like. You make enemies, they attack you on a personal level. And he's just Lex Luthor. He has no codename, no mask," he said. "He has to deal with the ramifications of that."


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