7/17/2013 Comic Book Previews; @Marvel @DarkHorseComics @DynamiteComics

Guest Reviews: @Marvel Uncanny Avengers #3, Young Avengers #1, & Punisher: War Zone #4

@deviantART Picks: Week of 7/07/2013

#Deal of the Day 07/09/2013 @TFAW @DarkHorseComics

Quick Ratings: @Marvel Hawkeye, Journey Into Mystery, Daredevil & Avengers

Guest Review: @DCComics Justice League #16

Guest Review: @DCComics Green Lantern #16

Quick Ratings: @Marvel X-Force, X-Men & Wolverine

July's @LootCrate Box is VARSITY @fwong @VGHS

Exclusive Arrow Skin for Xbox 360 Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Guest Review: @Marvel FF #3

Quick Ratings: @IDWPublishing G.I. Joe Cobra, Judge Dredd, Star Trek & TMNT

Guest Review: @Marvel Deadpool #4

Guest Review: @DCComics Catwoman #16

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