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Steamforged Games Acquires Euthia

Steamforged Games, leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher (Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game , Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game , Bardsung , Epic Encounters , and more) announce acquisition of the Euthia IP and a partnership with Czech studio, Diea Games, to resurrect the Euthia board game crowdfunding campaign that was cancelled in May  this year after raising over half a million dollars in just two days.  Euthia, rated 8.8 on BoardGameGeek and currently out-of-print, is an open-world fantasy sandbox RPG board game that initially ran on Kickstarter in 2020 and was well-received by the public. Described as Diablo-esque by reviewers, the game can be played competitively, solo, or cooperatively. News of the cancellation of the second crowdfunding campaign was felt throughout the tabletop community. With Steamforged's support, Diea Games are now able to realise their dream of becoming a full-time development studio and can continue their w

Guest Review: @DCComics Green Lantern #16

Trial by Fire

“RISE OF THE THIRD ARMY” marches toward its conclusion as Simon Baz meets his fellow Green Lantern for the first time, just as the Corps teeters on absolute destruction!

The Guardians of the Universe make their next move exploiting the power of the First Lantern.

Plus: What’s happened to Hal Jordan and Sinestro since they’ve been sucked into the Dead Zone?

The end of the Guardians’ control over the Corps is near as we prepare for the next big epic!


Was that it? Original Review by tdk_1997 at Comic Vine

This is apparently the last issue of Rise of the Third Army and I am both pleased and disappointed with the story. This was supposed to be really big and things were building up for it for quite the time and the end it even didn't feel like that big of an event. It was a cool story to introduce us to the new Earth Green Lantern but it didn't feel like an event. The thing that we should expect actually more is the next story arc that is coming that is called Wrath of the First Lantern which looks like it has more potential than this.

The coming of B'dg is interesting and shows us that Baz can be controlled and he can learn quite fast. He is showing him how to use the ring and even that it is in only 4-5 pages it doesn't feel rushed at all and Baz is quite the quick learner. The thing he did later with his best friend was amazing and it made me shiver.It was a brilliant moment and Johns is showing us that he has big potential and people shouldn't underestimate him. He is quickly becoming really interesting to me and I really want to see what will happen next will him and how is he going to become part of the Justice League of America.

The story-telling is definitely looking beautiful and it comes with a good pace because of Mahnke's artwork. I just love the guy and the way he makes the Green Lantern universe. His design of Simon Baz is awesome and makes him look like a big bad ass.

The big event ended and I am disappointed of it. There was supposed to be more and to feel bigger but at least it delivered us a great character that can quickly become one of the most interesting characters at the moment for me. I know Johns is going to repay my faiths with the next arc and to see some great action.

Score 4.5/5

What I Thought

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Cover & Solicit - 3/5
Art, Colors & Inking - 3/5
Layout & Flow - 4/5
Story - 3/5
Verdict - 3.1

Again this series seems more filler than actual tie-in to the Rise of the Third Army. There is little involvement other than mention of the army and Guy flying off to Oa. I would have much rather had more information on what's been happening with Hal and Sinestro. I'm also not a fan of Mahkne's art he seems to draw characters very thin and elongated making them look odd at times. I can't wait for the next arc involving the First Lantern as it seems it will involve Hal, Sinestro and the Black Lantern more.

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tdk_1977 is a comic book reviewer at Comic Vine. The use of this review has been authorized by the original author.


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