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Imagination Centre Reviews: @Marvel Captain America, Iron Man, Mighty Avengers, Infinity @JohnMcCubbin3

Here are today's Guest Reviews by John McCubbin from Imagination Centre for Marvel's; Captain America: Living Legend #1, Iron Man #16, Mighty Avengers #2, and Infinity #4. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Captain America: Living Legend #1

When a top-secret orbital research station is dragged from the sky by an unknown alien force, army-of-one Steve Rogers finds himself caught between two global superpowers on the brink of war!

But how does it involve Volkov - a decorated Russian officer he last crossed paths with during the closing days of World War II, who disappeared on an ill-fated lunar mission over forty years ago?

Andy Diggle and Adi Granov send living legend Captain America on a one-man mission into the heart of darkness-in search of another!


The Past Affecting the Present

The creative team of this series really interested me, as although I don't normally get many mini-series I felt that I had to at least try the first issue of this, as with Adi Granov's artwork is simply phenomenal and added with Andy Diggle's writing should make this an interesting story.


Following his time working with the Russian army in World War II, Captain America is faced with a current situation that involves one of the men he knew back then.


This was overall a good issue, but it was very far from being perfect, having a lot of problems. Andy Diggle did a great job of giving a unique Captain America story, though this first instalment has been rather dull and at times slightly confusing. I do however feel that Diggle will improve throughout the remaining three parts, but that so far this series that has taken over two years to be released isn't showing it's worth. Back to the positives, Diggle managed to add a great atmosphere to this issue, and overall it had a brilliant tone. It was however trying to develop too much at once, and this was what lead to the dullness and confusion, though I still have high hopes for the rest of the series.

The artwork in this issue was easily the best thing about it, and Adi Granov did a phenomenal job. I did however at first question why Cap was wearing his newest suit during the war, but after remembering that this was originally meant to coincide with the Captain America: The First Avenger film it made sense. Overall the layout and detail of Granov's artwork was brilliant, with eveything being so intense and dramatic, adding brilliant tone to the issue. It is however upsetting that this is the only issue that he'lll be doing interiors on, as after him being the reason for the long wait it would have been nice if he'd done the entire mini-series.

Read the rest of John McCubin's Review on Imagination Centre

My Rating

Cover & Solicit - 5
Art, Colors & Inking - 4
Layout & Flow - 4
Story - 4
Verdict - 4.1 (8/10) - 
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Iron Man #16 - The Secret Origin of Tony Stark: The Best Offense, Part Four


An escape from the scene of the crime.


A surprise Tony was trying to avoid...


Escaping a Fate Worse Than Death

This has been a very inconsistent series since it started, and although this story was heading in the same direction it has since started to show that there is hope in this series, and with only a couple of issues in this story remaining, I hope it doesn't disappoint.


As 451 tries to erase himself from existence, taking Iron Man (Tony Stark) with him, Iron Man must find a way of escaping the Godkiller.


This was a good issue, but I was still disappointed in it, as after the amazing transformation the series has made, going from mediocre to very good has been nice, and it's sad to see it take a step back in that direction. Kieron Gillen did however do a brilliant job of finishing up Tony's time on the Godkiller, and setting up the finale part of this story. It was however this set-up that made the issue feel very slow, with the overall pace being all over the place. Gillen did however show some brilliant writing skills in the first half of this issue, as it was very suspenseful and dramatic, but it was the lack of any enemy along with the uneven pace that let it down.

The artwork was however once again amazing, and Carlo Pagulayan showed the same brilliant talent that he did on the last issue. The detail in Pagulayan's art was simply outstanding, as everything looked simply perfect. I also really enjoyed the emotion that Pagulayan showed on Tony's face throughout this issue, as he showed the threat that possibly dying had on Tony perfectly. The layouts were also once again spectacular, adding a lot of depth to the issue, as well as being very dynamic. I also really liked some of the backgrounds that Pagulayan drew in this issue, as although some were plain, there were also some really detailed and interesting ones as well, and I so wish he could have done the next issue as well.

Read the rest of John McCubin's Review on Imagination Centre

My Rating

Cover & Solicit - 3
Art, Colors & Inking - 3
Layout & Flow - 3
Story - 3

Verdict - 3 (6/10) - (Buy Iron Man #16) SAVE 10%

Mighty Avengers #2

Proxima Midnight is killing New York City one block at a time...

Luke Cage’s ad-hoc Avengers might not be able to stop her...

And the one hero who can is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Think it can’t get worse? It can always get worse.


A Level 7 Attack

This series started well, as although the opening issue wasn't outstanding it did a good job of kicking things off, as well as doing a decent job of fitting the series in with the Infinity event. I do however expect the series to improve though, and will be disappointed if it doesn't.


As the newly formed Mighty Avengers fight Proxima Midnight, Blue Marvel learns of a Level 7 attack, and Ebony Maw tries to corrupt Doctor Strange.


This was a brilliant issue and a fantastic continuation from the first. Al Ewing did a great job of continuing the high pace that he added near the end of the first issue, whilst also adding some other development points and characters to the series at the same time. I did however question whether it was crucial to start this series during Infinity, as although it's been very fun and entertaining so far, it hasn't really done much for the event, expanding slightly on a earlier development of the main series. I did however enjoy how Ewing had the public helping, and overall he made this a very fun issue, and I'm sure he'll do an even better job once Infinity is finished.

The artwork on this issue was once again brilliant, and didn't have as many of the classic annoying trademarks that Greg Land is known for, with there being very few glamorous women, and little opportunity for awkward smiles. There was however still the odd awkward facial expression, with Blue Marvel showing a couple near the start of the issue. Land's layouts were however once again outstanding, and especially once the action sequence kicked back in, adding a lot of depth whilst also being dynamic, and overall helped the story to flow very smoothly and naturally. The inks from Jay Leisten and colours from Frank D'Armata were also brilliant making the final product look even more crisper and vibrant.

Read the rest of John McCubin's Review on Imagination Centre

My Rating

Cover & Solicit - 4
Art, Colors & Inking - 4
Layout & Flow - 5
Story - 5
Verdict - 4.6
 (9/10) - (Buy Mighty Avengers #2)

Infinity #4 - Thane

Negotiating the fall of worlds.

The Illuminati versus Thanos.

Thor, God of War.


Negotiating God Style

This has been a phenomenal crossover event so far, and although it took a while to become phenomenal, it has been brilliant since the start, with the main event as well as the Avengers and New Avengers tie-ins also being amazing. It did however jump to another level with the last issue, and I just hope that it continues to be great, as so far it has been the event that Marvel has needed for years.


As Captain America goes over his final plans with the Council, he sends Thor to negotiate their surrender. Meanwhile Thanos battles Blackbolt over the location of his son, Thane.


This was yet another phenomenal issue, and this series has certainly moved up a level over the last couple of issues. Jonathan Hickman once again does a fantastic job of following on from both the last issue as well as the Avenger tie-in. Hickman also added a lot of drama and suspense in this issue, and although the start of the issue was slightly slow, it made up for that quickly, being very exciting for most of the issue. The dialogue in this issue was also terrific, and especially during the Thanos/Black Bolt fight, helping to add depth, as well as in this case tension. Hickman also once again did a brilliant job of balancing the two stories involved in this issue, allowing each to compliment the other.

The artwork in this issue was also fantastic, and Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver once again did an amazing job. The detail from both artists was spectacular as usual, being very consistent throughout. Both artists also compliment each other perfectly, as although I've always preferred Opeña's art slightly, Weaver's works perfectly alongside it, with both having very similar styles and tones. I also really enjoy how Weaver handled the Thanos/Black Bolt fight, as it was very exciting and explosive, and along with the layouts both artists produced for this issue, it was easily the best thing about the artwork. On top of all that both artists also did a fantastic job of showing the emotion in this issue, adding a lot of tone with it.

Read the rest of John McCubin's Review on Imagination Centre

My Rating

Cover & Solicit - 3
Art, Colors & Inking - 5
Layout & Flow - 5
Story - 4
Verdict - 4.3 (8.5/10) 
(Buy Infinity #4) SAVE 10%

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John McCubbin is a blogger at http://imaginationcentre.blogspot.co.uk/ and a comic book reviewer at Comic Vine. The use of this review has been authorized by the original author.


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