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Terracotta Army by Board&Dice Coming Soon

  Board&Dice revealed the cover art and additional information about their upcoming game Terracotta Army by designers Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, and a solo mode by Dávid Turczi. Terracotta Army is an area majority and worker placement game where players work together to build armies of terracotta statues with the player earning the most victory points being declared the winner. "Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army. In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues." During the game, players collect resources, upgrade their workers, and seek favor with the emperor's advisors. The goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and each player'

@deviantART Picks: Week of 11/10/2013 #StarWars #Batgirl #DrWho #Supergirl #Deadpool

Here are my deviantART Picks for the week of 11/10/2013-11/16/2013. Each week I will highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. Another week down and another group of awesome art picks. This week I had a total of 23 picks. If you missed any of my previous deviantART picks go check them out.

Last 4 Weeks Picks

X-Force by shadowLynXer

Kitty Pryde by ToddNauck

Poison Ivy  by qualano colors by smallesthing

Harley Quinn by qualano

Emma Frost by RandGreen

Bat Badgirls "Baby" by Vinz-el-Tabanas

Peach "Mario Universe" - Nintendo by Vinz-el-Tabanas

Sith Girl by elgunto

Oracle by marciotakara

Medusa by MahmudAsrar

Supergirl by MahmudAsrar
Batgirl No. 28 by AlexGarner
Incredible Street Fighter by renegade21

Rogue by Peter-v-Nguyen

Deadpool #21 by diablo2003

Sandata by Jimbo02Salgado

Caitlin Fairchild "Gen13" by PatrickFinch
Wonder Woman by harveytalibao

Hellboooy! by MiaCabrera

Sunfire AoA by RobertAtkins

Doctor Who Prisoners of Time #10 Variants by RobertHack

Spidey Gwen by sjsegovia

Deadpool and Mistress Death by emmshin


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