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Weirdwood Manor by Greyridge Games Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Greyridge Games announced tgat the award-winning Weirdwood Manor app and book series will be made into a board game. Weirdwood Manor: The Board Game is a cooperative game of adventure and strategy for 1 to 5 players from ages 14+ and takes 90 - 120 minutes to play. You’ll battle against 1 of 3 unique magical Fae Monsters and their Clockwork Scarabs invading the Manor. Offering high variability and replayability, the game features a unique temporal mechanic that reflects the magical, ever-shifting corridors and rooms of the Manor. Every time a player or the Fae Monster takes an action, time will move forward in the game and the connections between the rooms will shift via unique rotating corridor rings on the game board. Fighting against time, you’ll make use of dice drafting, card play, resource management, and location actions as you and your companions move through the ever-shifting Manor in pursuit of ultimate victory over the Fae Monster! As the game progresses, the Fae Monster’s s

@deviantART Picks: Week of 10/06/2013

Here are my deviantART Picks for the week of 10/06/2013. Each week I will highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. Another week another group of awesome are picks. Like the week of SDCC this one was a little lighter due to NYCC. This week I have a total of 19 pieces for you. If you missed any of my previous deviantART picks go check them out.

Last 4 Weeks Picks

Bane vs. Batgirl by Kanish

Hellboy vs. Kong by cOMICFAB

X-23 by RayArtz

Thanos vs. Drax! by TomRaney

Emma Frost by aethibert colors by SeanE

He-Man vs. Lion-O by hanzozuken

Devastator by dcjosh

Thanos!!!! by JoshawaFrost

Big Dog Inc's Joan of Arc: From the Ashes by colors by sinhalite

Fly by Knight "Superman & Batman" by CoranKizer

X "Megaman" by Quirkilicious

Bizarro by Jimbo02Salgado

Thundercats by eDufRancisco

Mary Margaret "Once Upon a Time" by ToddNauck

She Vampire "Vampirella" by pant

Dejah Thoris by MicahJGunnell

Gotham City Love "Catwoman & Batman" by Peter-v-Nguyen

Shake, Shake, Shake, Selina "Catwoman, Poison Ivy, & Harley Quinn" by MichaelMayne

Pixie by Csyeung


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Weirdwood Manor by Greyridge Games Coming Soon to Kickstarter