Exclusive Previews: @TopCow Aphrodite IX #5 and The Darkness #115

Before you go out next Wednesday and spend your hard earned cash at your local Comic Shop, check out and Exclusive Previews for Top Cow's Aphrodite IX #5 and The Darkness #115;

Aphrodite IX #5

Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics

(W) Matt Hawkins
(A) Stjepan Sejic

DEADLY LIASONS Aphrodite IX woke up in a new world with no memory and no idea of her true purpose.

But finding out the truth about herself and how her handler Burch has been manipulating her will change everything.

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The Darkness #115

Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics

(W) David Hine
(A) Jeremy Haun


Hope Estacado is very much her father's daughter. But Jackie Estacado was raised to be a hired killer for a crime family before he inherited the curse of the Darkness. As she matures to take care of her mentally unstable mother, what terrible rites of passage await Hope?

Pre-Order The Darkness #115 (Save 20%)

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