Review: The Walking Dead #105

The Walking Dead #105 Cover

Like a Hot Iron to the Face!


Sing me a song.


WARNING: The Walking Dead is for Mature Audiences the preview may contain images unsuitable for some viewers.


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Cover & Solicit 4/5

I originally thought the cover was kinda boring, until I took a closer look. And that is literal, take a look at Carl's eye, While the events have nothing to do with the issue, its small details like this that make a cover go from ordinary to outstanding.

Art, Colors & Inking 3/5

I personally have never cared to the art style in The Walking Dead. It has it's moments of greatness, normally full page or double page images. But for me I want a black and white comic to look great with the details on the pages emphasized by the inking job. This just doesn't always seem to be the case in this series.

Layout & Flow 5/5

The pacing of this issue felt right on pace for this issue. They don't seem to rush anything and give each panel and page time to give us details without getting wordy. While at the same time it's not boring to read either.

Story 5/5

This issue continues from the last with Carl being captured by Negan. Captured is probably too strong a word as Negan allows Carl to see the sanctuary that he is providing The Saviors. We get to see how Negan controls his system thru the system of points and barter. When Negan discovers one of his wives cheated on him with her ex, Negan shows his darker side similar to what we saw in issue 100 with Glenn. It's almost like he has a cult atmosphere where they will do anything for Negan and allow him to do anything to them in the name of the colony. While a slower issue it does expand on Negan as a character, and also allows you to see another side of Carl that as of yet, has appeared to be somewhat heartless and cruel. I believe the issue was better even though they don't explain much about what Rick and the others are doing, because it gave us more time to focus on Negan and Carl.

Verdict 4.3

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