DC's New 52 Villians' Month in September

DC has released it's preview covers for the upcoming Villains' Month this September. During the month of September every title will be taken over by a villain in a .1 issue. The covers will includes a new 3D technology that changes perspective as you hold the issue. No word on if they plan something for the digital editions.

DC has also announced the entire event will revolve around the 7-issue mini-series during the Forever Evil story arc. The 7-issue series will also spin off three new titles; Rouges, Arkham War, and A.R.G.U.S..

I'm curious to know if  DC is using the .1 because they are #1 villain issues, because they will be an additional book on top of the current issue (23, 7, 15, etc), or if they are taking one out of Marvel's book and creating a jumping on point

You can see a few of the 3D preview covers below. Note: Click the image to see the 3D animations;

Superman #23.1 Cover Detective Comics 23.1 Cover Justice League 23.1 Cover

Visit Comic Vine to see the rest of the covers which all include DC's new 3D cover technology in action.

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