DC Villain Month's Numbering Revealed

General Zod Killer Croc Reverse-Flash

I posted yesterday about DC's Villain Month coming this September. I questioned what plans they had with the .1 numbering, and as it turns out Bleeding Cool has the answer. According to them there will be several issues from each title that month, some of the announced titles include;

  • Action Comics 23.1 Cyborg Superman, 23.2 General Zod, 23.3 Lex, & 23.4 Metallo
  • The Flash 23.1 Grodd, 23.2 Reverse-Flash, & 23.3 The Rogues
  • Batman and Robin 23.1 Two-Face, 23.2 The Court of Owls, 23.3 Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Assassins, & 23.4 Killer Croc
My only problem with multiple books in one month is the cost, each issue will retail for $3.99. And since DC still plans to publish all their other titles in September including the Forever Evil mini-series that equals a lot of cash out of your pocket. My next question would be are these going to be one-shots that have some bearing on the books, or if you skip a few and buy the villains you like will it cause you to miss anything later?

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