The Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #1 Review

The Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #1 Review

Rage of the Dinobots #1 CoverBridging the story from the Fall of Cybertron video game to the Prime TV show-the DINOBOTS hold the line as CYBERTRON falls! With OPTIMUS PRIME and the Ark long gone, the rest of the population makes their escape from the dying world-but SHOCKWAVE remains behind, continuing his experiments!

Cover/Solicit - 5/5

- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?

Art - 5/5

- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?

Colors/Ink/Lettering - 5/5

- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?

Layout/Flow - 5/5

- Does the layout of the issue make it easy to read? Does the issue have a good flow of the plot and keep me engaged?

Story - 5/5

- Weighted Triple. How well did the issue further develop the current story? How well did the issue further develop the characters? Did I enjoy reading the issue?

Verdict - 5

- I really can't say enough good things about IDW. I personally loved everything about this issue. The story continues from The Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and the Dinobots are assisting Ultra Magnus in the evacuation of Cybertron. The only minor gripe is unless you have either played the game, read the prior series, or just know about the War and the Dinobots origin, it might be a little confusing. I really liked the art in the issue, in other Transformers comics I have even found it hard to decipher one Autobot or Decepticon from the next, but with this issue that wasn't a problem. As things heat up we are bound to have more excitement between the Dinobots, the Predacons and Soundwave. Can't wait to read the whole series and hopefully see the Dinobots in Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters cartoon.

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