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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #16 Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #16 Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #16 Cover
A relentless, demented foe finds the Turtles and he won't rest until his deadly mission is fulfilled! A desperate fight for survival will take some unexpected turns before the night is over. Don't miss it!

Cover/Solicit - 4/5

- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?

Art - 3/5

- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?

Colors/Ink/Lettering - 4/5

- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?

Layout/Flow - 4/5

- Does the layout of the issue make it easy to read? Does the issue have a good flow of the plot and keep me engaged?

Story - 5/5

- Weighted Triple. How well did the issue further develop the current story? How well did the issue further develop the characters? Did I enjoy reading the issue?

Verdict - 4.3

- I've enjoyed what IDW has done with all of it's reboot series like Transformers and G.I. Joe, and TMNT is no exception. The cover for this issue is intriguing with Slash looming over the turtles, while nothing special it would draw my attention. The art for this series has not been to my liking. I understand why but I still don't like it. Luckily this is the last issue with Kuhn. The only TMNT issue that I hated the art more was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2012, and I have never cared for Eastman's art. This issue continues the battle in the turtles new base from the last issue. It's nice to see the interactions of the turtles with another mutant and to see Leonardo try to reason with him. This issue also delves into the personalities of the turtles, for example how Michelangelo is kind and cares about others even though he is a goofball, and how Leo even though he can seem callus is actually very deep and knows he has to keep his emotions in check to be a Ninja. Overall I enjoy where this series is going and highly recommend it to everyone.

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