Supergirl #14 - Lost Son of Krypton Review

Supergirl #14 Review

Supergirl #14 Cover
A “H’ELL ON EARTH” crossover chapter!

Picking up from SUPERBOY #14, Supergirl meets the villainous H’el!

What happens when she finds herself agreeing with his pro-Krypton/anti-Earth plans?

Continued this month in SUPERMAN #14!

Cover/Solicit - 4/5

- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?

Art - 4/5

- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?

Colors/Ink/Lettering - 4/5

- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?

Layout/Flow - 4/5

- Does the layout of the issue make it easy to read? Does the issue have a good flow of the plot and keep me engaged?

Story - 5/5

- Weighted Triple. How well did the issue further develop the current story? How well did the issue further develop the characters? Did I enjoy reading the issue?

Verdict - 4.4

- I really enjoyed this issues cover, my only gripe is Superboy's face, and the fact that the events never take place. Overall the art and flow of the issue work well, and even with all the location jumps you really don't get lost. The issue continues the H'el on Earth crossover that started in Superman #13 - They Will Join You In The Sun... and continued in Superboy #14 - The Face of H'el. If you haven't read those issues you might feel a little lost at first. Otherwise this is a great tie-in to the story arc where H'el tries to convince Supergirl to join him so the last of the House of El can be united. In the end Kara has to think about it and wants to ask her cousin Kal El (Superman) first. As a parting gift H'el gives her the ability to understand English. The issue ends with Kara discovering that Kal has a secret, "Clark Kent".

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