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51st State Ultimate Edition by Portal Games Coming Soon to Gamefound

Portal Games announced the 51st State Ultimate Edition is coming soon to Gamefound and will included new content with the crowdfunding campaign The campaign launches in February 2022 with component upgrades, reprints of hard-to-find content, and a new expansion, No Man’s Land, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. 51st State was originally published in 2010, and was a breakout success for Portal Games. Set in the same universe as the fan favorite Neuroshima Hex , 51st State offered players a new way to fight for resources in the wastelands of America. The release of the 51st State Master Set in 2016 brought together the core game and both the original expansions, Winter and New Era in one box with an all-new look and improved gameplay. Three additional expansions have since been released for the Master Set, growing the line to a fan favorite. Portal Games wants to give players the definitive experience they deserve with the 51st State Ultimate Edition.  The 51st State Ultimate Edition coming

Pokémon Masters EX: Legendary Arena Latios

Latios has returned to the Legendary Arena in Pokémon Masters EX. The Legendary Arena is available from December 28th until January 11th.


Latios appears alongside allies Saalamence and Dragonite. They are all weak against Dragon-type attacks. Salamence and Dragonite will attack the whole allied team and raise the stats of the opponent. Salamence and Dragonite will continue to raise Latios's stats, so focus your attacks on Salaence and Dragonite.

Don't forget that Latios will attack with powerful special moves (Drago Meteor and Surf) and physical attack moves (Earthquake and Double-Edge). All opponents use powerful attacks, so try to raise the Defense and Sp Def for all allies.

HP Bar 1

  • The opposing Sync Pairs are weak against Dragon-type attacks
  • You can use Roanne & Probopass's Wide Guard to nullify moves that target all allies
  • You can raise Defense and Sp. Def for all allies with Roanne & Probopass's X Defense All and Drake & Salamence's X Sp. Def All

Recommended Sync Pairs

  1. Drake & Salamence
  2. Roxanne & Probopass
  3. Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o

HP Bar 2

  • Latio's Passive Skill lowers the Defense and Sp. Def of your team whenever it attacks
  • You can raise the Defense of all allies using Dawn & Torterra or Jasmine & Steelix's X Defense All. Also you can raise the Sp. Def of all allies using Liza & Lunatone or Misty & Starmie's X Sp. Def All

Recommended Sync Pairs Option 1

  1. Liza & Lunatone
  2. Misty & Starmie
  3. Iri & Haxorus

Recommended Sync Pairs Option 2

    1. Dawn & Torterra
    2. Jasmine & Steelix
    3. Clair & Kingdra

    HP Bar 3

    • Your opponent is now weak against Ice-type attaccks
    • Latio's Passive Skill lowers the Defense and Sp. Def of your team whenever it attacks
    • You can boots the Sp. Def of all allies with Cheryl & Blissey's All Out of Patience, or boost the Defense of all allies with Skyla & Swanna's Take Flight

    Recommended Sync Pairs Option 1

    1. Phoeve & Dusknoir
    2. Skyla & Swanna
    3. Wulfric & Avalugg

    Recommended Sync Pairs Option 2

      1. Cheryl & Blissey
      2. Candice & Abomasnow
      3. Pryce & Dewgong


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