Kitan Club Pokémon Palette Color Collection Green Revealed

Kitan Club Pokemon Palette Green

The next in the Kitan Club Pokémon Color Collection line has been revealed as Green.

Previously Orange was revealed as the fifth in the series after PurpleBlueYellow, and Pink. The latest set will release in Japan on December 22nd and can be found on eBay for $40 USD + Shipping.


Pokémon Palette Color Collection is a series that summarizes Pokémon by color. The color this time is Green with outstanding healing effect! The appearance of Pokémon playing with rich individuality is just right for Spring Art!

The five Pokémon we picked this time are; Bulbasaur who looks excited with a paint tube, Larvitar is crazy about drawing with a brush, Chikorita with a cute smiling face, Celebi with a cool expression in addition to the brush, and Politoed that enjoys playing on the paintbrush.

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