CHAMPION'S PATH Sword & Shield Gym Pin Collections Wave 2 Opening

Opening the final three Champion's Path Pin Collections featuring the Fairy Gym Bellonlea, Dragon Gym Hammerlocke, and Dark Gym Spikemoth in search of the Rainbow Rare Charizard and Shiny Charizard.

ūüíú Champion's Path Dubwool V Opening

ūüíú Champion's Path Wave 1 Pin Collections V Opening

Enter the Stadium—and Meet the Gym Leader! Many Trainers in the Galar region undertake the Gym Challenge, facing off against exceptional Gym Leaders in stadiums packed with cheering fans. Explore the first three stops along the way—Milo’s Turffield Gym, Nessa’s Hulbury Gym, and Kabu’s Motostoke Gym. Earn your Gym badge, add the Gym Leader’s partner Pok√©mon to your own team, and find more surprises in Pok√©mon TCG: Champion’s Path booster packs! Start your journey and defeat your rivals!

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