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Steamforged Games Acquires Euthia

Steamforged Games, leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher (Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game , Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game , Bardsung , Epic Encounters , and more) announce acquisition of the Euthia IP and a partnership with Czech studio, Diea Games, to resurrect the Euthia board game crowdfunding campaign that was cancelled in May  this year after raising over half a million dollars in just two days.  Euthia, rated 8.8 on BoardGameGeek and currently out-of-print, is an open-world fantasy sandbox RPG board game that initially ran on Kickstarter in 2020 and was well-received by the public. Described as Diablo-esque by reviewers, the game can be played competitively, solo, or cooperatively. News of the cancellation of the second crowdfunding campaign was felt throughout the tabletop community. With Steamforged's support, Diea Games are now able to realise their dream of becoming a full-time development studio and can continue their w

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Bug and Poison Max Raid Event

The Max Raid Dens in the Wild Area have now shifted in Pokémon Sword and Shield. With this, the Ghost & Dark-type Pokémon have left the boosted raids and various Bug-type and Poison-type Pokémon have been added including Gigantamax Butterfree and Gigantamax Garbodor. This event runs until November 30th

  • 1 Star: Butterfree, Shuckle, Nincada, Trubbish, Oddish, Croagunk
  • 2 Star: Butterfree, Shuckle, Ninjask, Trubbish, Vileplum, Croagunk
  • 3 Star: Butterfree, Shuckle, Ninjask, Garbodor, Oddish, Toxicroak
  • 4 Star: Butterfree, Shuckle, Ninjask, Garbodor, Oddish, Toxicroak
  • 5 Star: Butterfree, Shuckle, Ninjask, Garbodor, Oddish, Toxicroak


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