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District Noir by Pandasaurus Games Coming Soon

Pandasaurus has announced a new 2 player set collection game District Noir is coming this summer. Preorders will start on May 19th with retail release planned for July 19th. District Noir was originally published in Japanese by Taikikennai Games in 2016 as Throne and Grail. It was then published in 2019 as Chocolate Factory by Nasza Księgarnia in Polish. The current art and theme was published last year in French by Spiral Éditions. When the time is right, gain control! At the head of the city’s largest criminal organizations, men and women fight to control territories and gain support by trying every means possible to grow their influence. Control of the District Noir, a central and highly contested area, remains the major issue that will make all the difference in dominating the city. There are two paths to victory: win over District Noir's various supports, or directly control the city’s three strategic locations. Before players can claim these, they must be played to the center

HOW TO BUILD a Pokémon Water Deck from Two Theme Decks

Beginner's Guide to Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. How to build a better deck from two of your existing Theme Decks. I go over a deck built using both the new Darkness Ablaze Galarian Darmanitan Theme Deck and the Sword and Shield Inteleon Theme Deck.

💜 Beginner's Guide to TCGO: https://youtu.be/ZlssROFFcdM

Deck List

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 18

* 1 Galarian Darmanitan DAA 28
* 3 Galarian Darumaka DAA 43
* 2 Krabby SSH 43
* 3 Sobble SSH 55
* 3 Drizzile SSH 57
* 2 Galarian Darmanitan DAA 44
* 2 Kingler SSH 44
* 2 Inteleon SSH 59

##Trainer Cards - 28

* 1 Pokégear 3.0 SSH 174
* 1 Ordinary Rod SSH 171
* 2 Bird Keeper DAA 159
* 2 Pokémon Catcher SSH 175
* 4 Hop SSH 165
* 2 Bede SSH 157
* 2 Poké Kid SSH 173
* 2 Turbo Patch DAA 172
* 2 Sonia RCL 167
* 2 Professor's Research SSH 178
* 4 Great Ball SSH 164
* 2 Capacious Bucket RCL 156
* 2 Switch SSH 183

##Energy - 14

* 14 Water Energy SWSHEnergy 3

Total Cards - 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******


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