September's #Lootcrate Theme Video is a GALACTIC #Firefly Fan Film "THE VERSE"

No power in the 'verse can stop us.

To celebrate this month's theme, Loot Crate decided to push themselves to do bigger, better, and they created a Loot Crate Original Short called "The Verse." This fan-made film was inspired by the colorful characters and space-western world of "Firefly," a short but well-loved sci-fi series. (If you've never seen's on Netflix!). You can watch the video below and use the code GALACTIC to SAVE 10% on this month's crate.

This month Loot Crate blasts off with GALACTIC! September's crate brings 3 Licensed Exclusive Collectibles (one is a Funko Myster Mini!) and includes items from Firefly, Star Wars, & Star Trek with plenty of other surprises in store!

So What is LootCrate? Basically you pay $13.37 a month ($11.67 mo if you pay for 6 months) + S&H, and they send you cool Geek + Gamer items. The boxes range from pictures, stickers and cardboard toys, t-shirts, to action figures and PoP! Vinyl figures. They even giveaway a Mega Crate, this month is valued at $1000. Check out my unboxing of August's HEROES Loot Crate.

Be sure to Sign up TODAY and use code GALACTIC to SAVE 10% - there is a chance they may sell out this month before September 19th at 9PM Pacific!

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