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Akropolis by Gigamic and Hachette BoardGames Coming Soon

Hachette Games and Gigamic announced the upcoming tile placement game Akropolis will be coming to the US on July 1st 2022. "Construct the most prestigious Akropolis and develop cohesive districts for your citizens. As you create new buildings, you will expand your city - either spreading out or building up. The higher your stacks of tiles, the more valuable the buildings! Just make sure you don't run out of stone; it's a finite and valuable resource for every architect!" Gameplay Overview Take on the role of an architect and build your own akropolis in ancient Greece. Try to construct districts of similar buildings and stack them high to increase their value. Add plazas as multipliers for even more points! Each turn, choose an available tile and add it to your city. The further down the construction site the tile is, the more stone you'll need to pay to take it. Immediately add the tile to your city, either expanding outward or stacking higher. Once all tiles hav

Featured Review @TopCow Artifacts #36 @TopCowMatt @DanWickline @ImageComics

Artifacts #36 - Killer Homework

Tom Judge and Tilly track down students who used a math equation to open up a portal to the Ancient Ones (featured in the Darkness Rebirth). Former Angelus and Witchblade bearer Danielle Baptiste investigates related murders.


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Cover & Solicit 4/5

We get a single cover drawn by Talent Hunt winner -ROM- (or Darkness Et Folly) featuring Tom Judge as Rapture and Tilly. It's a pretty nice cover and displays the art style -ROM- uses in the book. It's cool to see the swirling equation on the cover as it pertains to the story, we don't however get to see Tom as the Rapture in this issue. Also of note the original solicit had a typo with Daniel Baptiste instead of Danielle, so might cause a little confusion for those not familiar with the character.

Art, Colors & Inking 4/5

As with the cover this issues art was done -ROM-. After her last issue, Top Cow gave her another issue to tackle (issue #37 is solicited with her as well). The art in this issue was just alright for me and isn't a style I'd prefer. She uses a painted style which has a lot of detailed and looks beautiful, but her body and facial proportions just seem strange. Unlike last time where her colors were washed out (maybe due to printing) this issue was at times over vibrant and too dark. Otherwise she does a great job with the overall flow and the fight scenes between Tilly and well everyone in the police station is excellently executed.

Layout & Flow 5/5

This issue finally gets us back to Tom and Tilly after the last few one-shots featuring Top Cow's Talent Hunt Winners. The story and flow of this issue are very well paced, and if I had to nitpick it would be a single panel where Tilly asks a boy about the equation, and the boy answers before Tilly even hands him the paper in the next panel. I did miss the normal catch-up page that Top Cow puts at the start of an issue, especially since I don't know what the portal to the Ancient Ones is since I never read The Darkness arc. Since it was never actually mentioned as the portal or the Ancient Ones, maybe next issue Wickline will explain this in more detail.

Story 5/5

The issue is written by Dan Wickline (Grimm Fairy Tales, Shadowhawk, 30 Days of Night). I'm not sure if he is going to be the ongoing writer or if he is just doing this story arc, either way he is doing an excellent job and can't wait for more. This issue starts with a young girl trying to solve her math homework and asking her mother and father for help. Wickline did a decent job of trying to give these character some depth and background as to make what happens next have more or an impact. Next we find Tom and Tilly being asked by Danielle Baptiste for assistance in a bizarre murder. It seems the father randomly went on a killing spree and killed his family as well as a police officer. Danielle asked them to come because she needs Tilly (the Numeromancer) to look at some strange equation written on the wall. Danielle finds the paper for the homework assignment to which Tilly said it should never have been given as one. Next Danielle is called on to answer another strange case involving a boy holding patrons at a shop hostage where Tom and Tilly tag along. It turns out that the boy went to the same school as the daughter and is working on the same equation. Before long we are at the police station and learn where the equation came from and Tilly solves the equation before being taken over by something. Wickline again does an excellent job of inter-twinning the characters and telling a story with small bread crumbs that keeps you wanting to read more. I can't wait for next month and see how Wickline continues the story.

Verdict - 4.6 (9/10) (Buy Artifacts) SAVE 10%

I really enjoyed this issue. -ROM- does a decent job on art duties and I only have minor complaints about the art and the overall flow. It's nice to see Top Cow give their Talent Hunt winners more than one shot at an issue. I love the story that Dan Wickline is creating. Wickline does a good job of adding depth to the characters and leaving little bread crumbs along the way. I personally can't wait to read the next issue.


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