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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

@ImageComics Solicits for May 2014 @TopCow @SkyboundEnt @Shadowlinecomic @Studio_JMS

Want to know what's coming up for Image Comics in May and what to add to your Pull-List? The May 2014 Solicits have been released and can see them below. Also don't forget the solicits for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, Zenescope, Valiant, Aspen, Boom!, & Dynamite. And if you missed them, check out the past Image Comics Solicits.

MPH #1 (of 5) (Cover A - Fegredo) - $2.39
The all-new Millarworld Universe kicks into high gear with the launch of Millar and Fegredo's fast and furious miniseries. When a group of hard-luck teens in Motor City stumble upon a street drug called MPH, they gain the power of super speed. Will they use it to save the world? Hell no! Not when there's dolla, dolla bills to be had, y'all. A high-octane urban adventure, MPH brings you super speed like you've never seen before! This launch features a variant cover by Jock, a blank cover variant, and a special series of linked cover variants by Fegredo showcasing the book's cast.

Variant Covers
MPH #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Jock)
MPH #1 (of 5) (Cover C - Team Variant Fegredo)
MPH #1 (of 5) (Cover D - Blank Variant)
C.O.W.L. #1 - $2.80
Welcome to the 'Chicago Organized Workers League'-the world's first Super-Hero Labor Union! While C.O.W.L. once stood as a beacon of hope against an epidemic of organized crime and an unbeatable 'brotherhood' of Super-Villains, the union now faces its fiercest foe yet-a disillusioned public. In targeting the last of the great villains, C.O.W.L. attempts to prove its value to the world and to each other, while staving off villainy from both outside and inside its offices.
Madame Frankenstein #1 (of 7) (Cover A - Jones & Filardi) - $2.39
In 1932, Vincent Krall sets out to create his perfect woman by reanimating the corpse of the love of his life. He'll soon discover, however, that man was never meant to peer beyond the veil between life and death. Mixing vintage horror with mythic drama, this new series by writer JAMIE S. RICH (You Have Killed Me) and smashing newcomer MEGAN LEVENS is guaranteed to send chills through even the warmest of hearts.

Variant Cover
Madame Frankenstein #1 (of 7) (Cover B - Mitten)
Nailbiter #1 - $1.94
JOSHUA WILLIAMSON (GHOSTED) & MIKE HENDERSON deliver a mystery that mixes Twin Peaks with the horror of Se7en! Buckaroo, Oregon has given birth to sixteen of the vilest serial killers in the world. An obsessed FBI profiler investigating the town has suddenly gone missing, and now an NSA Agent must work with the notorious serial killer Edward 'Nailbiter' Warren to find his friend and solve the mystery of 'Where do serial killers come from?' 'If Josh died I wish he'd leave Nailbiter to me in his will so I could say it was my idea.' -Scott Snyder (SEVERED, Batman, American Vampire)
Rise of the Magi #1 (Cover A - Silvestri) - $2.80
A small black sphere contains all the magic that exists past, present, and future. Without it, two worlds would not survive. The sphere has been protected for centuries by a spell that was believed unbreakable. Asa Stonethrow, a common man in the world of magic, discovers the spell has been breached and a small chip of the black sphere has been stolen! Retail incentives available! Check order form for details.

Variant Covers
Rise of the Magi #1 (Cover B - Sejic)

Rise of the Magi #1 (Cover C - Kesgin)
Burn The Orphanage Reign Of Terror #1 (of 5) (Cover A -Grace & Struble) - $2.80
The blow-up hit series from 2013 is back with an all-new, all-monthly series! Rock returns home to find his city under siege, and you won't believe who's behind the mayhem!

Variant Cover
Burn The Orphanage Reign Of Terror #1 (of 5) (Cover B - Belanger)
Chew / Revival #1 - $3.99
TWO GREAT TASTES THAT TASTE REALLY WEIRD TOGETHER! Tony Chu heads to Wisconsin in two all-new original tales by the creative teams of both critically acclaimed titles! A great jumping-on point for readers who've heard how damn good these titles are on their own, and a twisted delight for those already in the know!
Prophet Strikefile #1 - $3.19
A who's who of the Prophet universe with a comic history of the Earth Empire and bio sheets-pulled from the deepest corners of the known universe-of space gods, aliens, and the distant worlds that contain them.
Tales From The Con Year One - $2.80
Collects the first year of TALES FROM THE CON along with bonus material If you've been to a comic convention, you'll recognize the scenes in TALES FROM THE CON, the irreverent webcomic that has appeared on the Emerald City Comic Con website since 2012. Written by Eisner-nominee BRAD GUIGAR (Evil Inc., HOW TO MAKE WEBCOMICS) and illustrated by CHRIS GIARRUSSO (G-MAN, Mini Marvels), TALES FROM THE CON is an uproarious take on the world of comic books and conventions. Fanboys, fangirls, cosplayers, retailers, volunteers, and pros repeatedly collide on the convention floor (and beyond) to prove that comic conventions are one part festival, two parts group therapy.
Fatale #24 - $3.99
IT ALL ENDS HERE! The final extra-length issue of FATALE! There's so much story that we needed a lot more room. Will Josephine's final secrets be revealed? Will there be much tragedy? Will Brubaker and Phillips fans love all the crazy extras jammed into this special final issue? Yes, yes, and yes.
Saga #19 - $1.94
Saga returns! New planet, new adversaries, and a very new direction, all from the same old Hugo Award-winning team. RETAILER FRIENDS: Thanks to you, our audience keeps growing, as new readers continue to get caught up on trades before jumping to our monthly issues, so please make sure to order enough for your customers, old and new. And thanks again! -Brian & Fiona
Walking Dead #127 - $2.39
DOUBLE-SIZED ISSUE FOR ONLY $2.99! In the aftermath of 'ALL-OUT WAR' we discover...A NEW BEGINNING.
Witchblade #175 (Cover A - Braga) - $4.79
DOUBLE-SIZED ANNIVERSARY ISSUE! Starting a new storyline, the team of writer RON MARZ and artist LAURA BRAGA continue their acclaimed run, providing an entry point for new readers, as well as a celebration of all that's gone before. Also features a second story by MARZ & BRAGA, revealing a previously untold tale of the Witchblade in feudal Japan, as well as other bonus features.

Variant Covers
Witchblade #175 (Cover B - Christopher) Witchblade #175 (Cover C - Turner)
68 (Sixty Eight) Rule Of War #2 (of 4) (Cover A - Jones & Fotos) - $3.19
In the blood-soaked jungles of Cambodia, CIA Agent Declan Rule follows his son's murderer straight into a living hell populated by the hard-wired and weaponized dead. In the skies over Vietnam a plane filled with desperate survivors sputters and coughs, burning its last drops of fuel. And deep in the Southeast Asian rainforest, a human monster hides his face behind a mask of atrocity to raise an army of the damned.

Variant Cover
68 (Sixty Eight) Rule Of War #2 (of 4) (Cover B - Zornow & Fotos)
Alex + Ada #6 - $2.39
Ada now sees the world through different eyes, but life has become more complicated for her and Alex.
Aphrodite IX #11 - $3.19
SERIES FINALE! One of the two established City States, Speros or Genesis, is completely annihilated. Death, death, and more death!
Artifacts #37 - $3.19
When someone uses math to access an ancient and evil power, it's up to Tilly Grimes to find the answer to stopping them. But even with Tom Judge and the Rapture on her side, this may be too big a problem for the Numeromancer to solve.
Clone #16 - $2.39
Luke Taylor's mission to uncover the truth behind the Clone program has only lead to the death of his friends. Who will be the next to die in his name?
Cyber Force #12 - $2.80
Stryker learns a terrible truth about his origins as he and the newly formed Cyber Force team deal with the aftermath of Killjoy. The world has caught a glimpse of reality, but how will it react? Has this reaction been part of The Chairwoman's plan all along? Find out how this all leads to a bold new direction in CYBER FORCE #12!
Dead Body Road #6 (of 6) - $2.39
There's a man digging a hole in the desert. Let's see just how many bodies will fit. Orson Gage's bloody revenge saga ends here.
Deadly Class #5 - $2.80
In the throes of a horrible acid trip, Marcus's grip on reality slips, casting him into the depths of his own past. A past filled with blood and ash. What dark secrets is he hiding? And will he have time to face them before one of the killers out for his blood puts a knife in his heart?
Dream Police #2 (Cover A - Kotian & Farmer) - $1.94
Dream Police Lieutenants Joe Thursday and Katie Black have always been partners. At least, that's what they both remember. But if that's true, why does Joe keep having recurring visions of a partner he never had? Is it just his imagination? With the Dreamscape constantly on the verge of destruction, what difference can one man's memory really make? The answer may be more important than any of them can guess.

Variant Cover
Dream Police #2 (Cover B - Dittman)
Elephantmen #58 - $3.19
Sahara is ready to give birth to Obadiah Horn's baby.
Field #2 (of 4) - $2.80
The Smoke Eaters are in hot pursuit of Christian and our still-nameless hero. Secrets will be revealed! Friends will be betrayed! A man's face will be turned into hamburger!
Five Weapons #10 - $2.80
'BACK TO CLASS,' Part Five This is it! Enrique races against time to save the school nurse as he battles against Tyler's final plot, but an unexpected twist unleashes a new enemy who could destroy the school of Five Weapons and bring the world of assassins to an end.
Fuse #4 - $2.80
'THE RUSSIA SHIFT,' Part Four The bodies are starting to pile up. None of this case makes a lick of damn sense. Klem has a mysterious lunch date, and Ralph is starting to get ideas...ideas that will kill him faster than you can say, 'On your knees, cop.'
Ghosted #10 - $2.39
Jackson was only expecting to steal a ghost from a cult. Instead, he found so much more! The second arc ends here!
Great Pacific #16 (Cover A - Morazzo) - $2.39
'BIG GAME HUNTERS,' Part Two Baston has decimated Little Chief's forces and sent them fleeing into the plastic wastes of the Great Pacific Gyre. But when this big game hunter turns his sights on New Texas next, Chas finds himself with few allies and fewer options.

Variant Cover
Great Pacific #16 (Cover B - Wilson III)
Invincible #112 - $2.39
Robot continues his quest to take over the world, traveling down a blood-drenched path littered with fallen friends.
Mercenary Sea #4 - $1.94
'MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN' Stranded in a Chinese fishing village, Jack and company must rescue the British spy 'Top Hat,' who's been captured by Japanese soldiers.
Mice Templar IV Legend #10 (Cover A - Oeming) - $2.80
'LIKE A TORCH TO THE KINDLING' Pilot the Tall invokes Death Magic to discover the truth behind Karic's destiny and what he discovers promises doom to all who follow the noble young mouse. Meanwhile, Karic and Cassius return to the Field of Ruin-Avalon, where the Templar fell-and must prove their loyalty to the assembled remnant, as well as their identity to ravenous cats seeking his legend.

Variant Cover
Mice Templar IV Legend #10 (Cover B - Santos & Free)
Minimum Wage #5 - $2.80
Alone in his new place with nothing but wisecracking radioactive horseshoe crabs, adult gigs and his own toxic thoughts, Rob plays matchmaker and also embarks on a clandestine courtship with a saucily familiar face in the fifth chapter of BOB FINGERMAN's so-real-it-hurts series.
Morning Glories #41 - $2.80
'Nowhere else to go.'
One Hit Wonder #4 (of 5) - $2.80
THE F***ING MOST IMPORTANT COMIC BOOK ISSUE OF THE YEAR. Hands down. Not kidding. Yeah. Just that. Word! Richie Reese's world has been turned upside-down and you'll finally know why. Truths. Schemes. Betrayals. Bullets. Burials. Plus...the birth of the 'Nine-tural Born Killers.'
Peter Panzerfaust #20 - $2.80
'THE HUNT,' Part Five When revenge is at the tip of a finger...a finger on a trigger, there's only one thing that stands in Lily's way. The fate of the entire French Resistance lies in Lily's hand and one bullet could change history.
Rat Queens #6 - $2.80
'THE FAR REACHING TENTACLES OF N'RYGOTH,' Part One A brand new booze-soaked arc of Rat Queens reveals a growing menace within the very walls of Palisade. And while Dee may have run from her past, the bloated, blood-feasting sky god N'rygoth never really lets his children stray too far.
Real Heroes #3 - $3.19
Lost and alone in a world they only knew as fiction, the cast of The Olympians movies are beginning to realize things aren't easy when fantasy is made reality. The dangers are all too real and it might mean their deaths when Brainchild and Brute come to defeat the world's greatest heroes.
Revenge #4 - $2.39
MINISERIES CONCLUSION! Griffin Franks is finished, done for, as good as dead. At least that's what his trophy wife Candy believes. But she's wrong. When Griffin's beloved dog Lobo dies in his arms, the trigger is pulled-'If you wrong us, shall we not revenge?' You bet your ass he will...after all, he IS The Revenger.
Satellite Sam #9 - $2.39
The clock runs out to save the network from scandal as Michael makes the biggest mistake of his life-and the only friend he has left behind the scenes has to face his father's killer alone.
Savage Dragon #197 - $3.19
Malcolm Dragon is transformed into a hideous freak as he faces his greatest menace yet-a deadly virus that turns average people into mindless monsters! Get ready for a whole new Savage Dragon!
Sex #13 - $2.39
Year Two begins. Hang onto your c**ks.
Sheltered #10 - $2.39
In the final issue of the second arc, things take a dark turn for the children of Safe Haven. Not all will survive the issue!
Shutter #2 (Cover A - Del Duca) - $2.80
Kate Kristopher has been kidnapped by a robot, a few rat kids in cute outfits and a bunch of ninja ghosts. Luckily the NYPD pursues them in their flying saucers. Everything goes horribly wrong. Death happens.

Variant Cover
Shutter #2 (Cover B - Campbell)
Sidekick #7 (Cover A - Mandrake & Hifi) - $2.39
Flyboy has learned the truth: his former partner and mentor The Red Cowl faked his death...a discovery that has shattered Barry Chase all the way down to his soul. Allied now with Julia Moonglow, he seeks revenge on the man who he revered and deserted him. But before he can pursue vengeance, he has to get past a new hero in town, sent to reel him in for his recent dangerous behavior. How far will Flyboy go to get past this obstacle...and will he ever be the same afterward?

Variant Cover
Sidekick #7 (Cover B - Urusov)
Skullkickers #27 - $2.80
'A DOZEN COUSINS AND A CRUMPLED CROWN,' Part Three Not a new #1-Not a reboot-Not a paradigm-shifting crossover event... and yet, still totally worth picking up and reading, we promise! 'Skullkickers is one of the smartest comics out there' -Newsarama
Southern Bastards #2 - $2.27
It's Friday night in Craw County, Alabama. Which means Coach Euless Boss is walking the sidelines like a god. And somebody is fixin' to die.
Sovereign #3 - $2.39
The paths of the travelers finally converge in the court of the late emperor, as his sons already vie for the empty throne. But when the unburied dead begin to rise, animated by intelligences from beyond space and time, there are more pressing matters to consider...
Spawn #243 - $2.39
Sara is in great danger after mysteriously disappearing, and Jim frantically searches for the person responsible. Not knowing where to point the finger and with time running out, Jim seeks out the one individual who may have answers...but it may be too late.
Starlight #3 (Cover A - Parlov) - $2.39
Duke and his young companion begin their first adventure together! To the people of Tantalus, Duke is a hero and savior. Now, he's their last chance to vanquish the new menace that has invaded the peace-loving world he left behind. But four decades have passed: Duke's not the young man he once was, and the enemy he faces is more powerful than anything he faced in the good old days. The stakes are raised, and the weight of Duke's own conscience might be his heaviest burden yet!

Variant Cover
Starlight #3 (Cover B - Francavilla)
Stray Bullets Killers #3 - $2.80
For fifty-five years Paul has lived the life of a dead man, crushed by the weight of routine and responsibility, of sacrifice to his supposed LOVED ONES. Other people seem so alive, so...happy. Paul's seen them, and he wants to be one of them. Today, in his fifty-fifth year, Paul is going to stop living in fear. He's going to throw off the yoke of his oppressors. He's going to do the things he's always wanted to do before life slips him by. But first Paul's going to craft a plan. A cunning plan to hurt and kill his enemies...
Tales Of Honor #3 (Cover A - Jeong) - $2.39
THE HONORVERSE EXPANDS TO COMICS! Based on the best-selling military science fiction novels by David Weber, this original comic book series continues the story of Honor Harrington as she investigates the threat to Basilisk Station by the Republic of Haven.

Variant Cover
Tales Of Honor #3 (Cover B - Sejic)
Ten Grand #11 - $2.39
What began with a simple assignment has turned into a war for the very throne of Heaven itself, with Joe Fitzgerald caught between two massive armies of Light and Dark. It all comes down to one decision, one moment, and based on what he decides the universe itself may come apart at the seams. Will Joe go all the way for love? Or will he save the world but lose his soul?
Thief Of Thieves #21 - $2.39
The first casualties on a new crime war mount up. Plus, learn just why they call him 'Lola'...
Undertow #4 (Cover A - Trakhanov) - $2.39
Anshargal and Ukinnu Alal dine with a cannibal god, but it's more than Kingu can stomach. Zikia's rescue team is closing in, and so are the deadliest killers ever indoctrinated by Atlantis. The secret origin of the Atlantean missing link as the exploration action roars on!

Variant Cover
Undertow #4 (Cover B - Churilla)
Voice In The Dark #7 - $3.19
'KILLING GAME,' Part Five It's all been building to this. Zoey's on the verge of killing again-her second and third victims-but even the perfect crime can go awry.
Zero #8 - $2.39
The Mexico event sets off a brutal change. Cooke is hunted. The killers are prepared. Zero approaches.


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