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Terracotta Army by Board&Dice Coming Soon

  Board&Dice revealed the cover art and additional information about their upcoming game Terracotta Army by designers Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, and a solo mode by Dávid Turczi. Terracotta Army is an area majority and worker placement game where players work together to build armies of terracotta statues with the player earning the most victory points being declared the winner. "Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army. In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues." During the game, players collect resources, upgrade their workers, and seek favor with the emperor's advisors. The goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and each player'

Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Reviews @DCComics Action Comics #25

Here is today's Guest Reviews by Anj from Supergirl Comic Box Commentary for DC's Action Comics #25. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Action Comics #25 - Zero Year: Stormbreaker; Lunch Break

This BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in features the reintroduction of a major character! A cocky young Superman battles the forces of nature to save Gotham City, while a woman from his past tries to do the same thing on a smaller scale. But both are headed for a collision course...


Krypton Returns

When the new creative team of writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder was announced for Action Comics, I actually felt some optimism. And optimism with the DC Comics has been a rare commodity these days. I didn't know Pak's Marvel work too much but had thoroughly enjoyed the Batman/Superman work and people whose opinion I trust talked him up. And I enjoyed Kuder's Quietly-like art since I first saw it in Legion Lost.

Action Comics #25 came out this week and amazingly it lived up to my optimistic expectations. It isn't easy to do that. Tied into the Batman Zero Year event, this is a flashback story to the 't-shirt and jeans' Superman from Morrison's Action run, a younger, brasher, and in this story almost sadistic Superman. But Pak uses this story as a teachable moment for Clark, a time to reflect on his Smallville roots, recognize his limitations, and maybe turn the corner towards the more inspirational hero we eventually see in Superman.

But perhaps the biggest revelation in this book is the reintroduction of Lana Lang into the DC Universe. We saw a few peeks in Morrison's and Fisch's stories. But otherwise we she is still a mystery in the New 52. I have to say, I love Pak's take on her. She is strong and heroic, doing her best to help people, and working as an electrical engineer! I guess you can take people out of Smallville but you can't take the Smallville out of people.

As for Kuder, he really shines here, with great page layouts, imaginative panel shapes, and bringing this story the power it deserves.

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Images Unplugged Rating

Cover & Solicit - 3
Art, Colors & Inking - 3
Layout & Flow - 4
Story - 4
Verdict - 3.6 (7/10)
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