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Weirdwood Manor by Greyridge Games Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Greyridge Games announced tgat the award-winning Weirdwood Manor app and book series will be made into a board game. Weirdwood Manor: The Board Game is a cooperative game of adventure and strategy for 1 to 5 players from ages 14+ and takes 90 - 120 minutes to play. You’ll battle against 1 of 3 unique magical Fae Monsters and their Clockwork Scarabs invading the Manor. Offering high variability and replayability, the game features a unique temporal mechanic that reflects the magical, ever-shifting corridors and rooms of the Manor. Every time a player or the Fae Monster takes an action, time will move forward in the game and the connections between the rooms will shift via unique rotating corridor rings on the game board. Fighting against time, you’ll make use of dice drafting, card play, resource management, and location actions as you and your companions move through the ever-shifting Manor in pursuit of ultimate victory over the Fae Monster! As the game progresses, the Fae Monster’s s

Spider-Man Crawspace Reviews @Marvel Superior Carnage #4

Here is today's Guest Reviews from the guys at Spider-Man Crawlspace for Marvel's; Superior Carnage #4. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Superior Carnage #4

It's the moment you've been waiting for! SUPERIOR CARNAGE vs SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN with enough blood and bluster to rival Sunday nights on HBO.

KEVIN SHINICK (Avenging Spider-Man) and STEPHEN SEGOVIA (X-Treme X-men) will never have a career in politics after what they've done to the mayor's office.




Spider-Man and his Spider-Troopers fight against the Frightful Four, but they are easily defeated thanks to the cunning mind under the Carnage symbiote this time. SpOck manages to take out The Wizard, allowing Mal-Carnage to go nuts. SpOck tries to revive The Wizard to control Mal-Carnage, but Klaw attacks him in defense of The Wizard. Mal-Carnage manages to pierce Klaw’s heart with Vibranium, causing him to explode. Carnage leaves Malus and slips on to the recovering Wizard.


This is probably the most sinister portrayal of SpOck we’ve seen in a comic yet, as he’s a down right bastard, doing whatever it takes to maintain the upper-edge; he uses Bentley 23 to motivate The Wizard but has no intention of helping out a villain whose in the exact same position he was nearly a year ago. He’s a full on dick with his comments during the fight and his inner dialogue is a huge step above Malus’, who was a poor choice for the PoV character for the earlier issues for this story. This is what I believe Slott is trying to do with SpOck in Superior Spider-Man, but he’s got just too lighthearted of a take on the character to pull it off.

That being said, it still doesn’t fix a lot of flaws with this series. The tone is still wildly inconsistent, with some wonderfully sinister bits like what Mal-Carnage does with tongues, then some lame jokes that kill the mood. The Wizard has been reduced to such a joke, it’s hard to give a damn about his approaching death. Klaw was still a puppet up to his final moments and Mal-Carnage still doesn’t come close to touching Kassidy-Carnage. Character work is not the strong point here; come for the art… stay for the art.

Because that art, it’s beautiful. I think Segova and Ramos surpass the original one-man art team of Clayton Crain, who did Carnage and Carnage USA. My first take on the Mal-Carnage design was one of disapproval, but Segova and Shinick both have fun with the redesign and it goes a long way to redeeming it for me. I guess we’ll have to wait until the final issue to see what Wizard-Carnage will look like, but I think Segova will nail it.

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Images Unplugged Rating

Cover & Solicit - 4
Art, Colors & Inking - 5
Layout & Flow - 4
Story - 5
Verdict - 4.7 (9.5/10) - 
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