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51st State Ultimate Edition by Portal Games Coming Soon to Gamefound

Portal Games announced the 51st State Ultimate Edition is coming soon to Gamefound and will included new content with the crowdfunding campaign The campaign launches in February 2022 with component upgrades, reprints of hard-to-find content, and a new expansion, No Man’s Land, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. 51st State was originally published in 2010, and was a breakout success for Portal Games. Set in the same universe as the fan favorite Neuroshima Hex , 51st State offered players a new way to fight for resources in the wastelands of America. The release of the 51st State Master Set in 2016 brought together the core game and both the original expansions, Winter and New Era in one box with an all-new look and improved gameplay. Three additional expansions have since been released for the Master Set, growing the line to a fan favorite. Portal Games wants to give players the definitive experience they deserve with the 51st State Ultimate Edition.  The 51st State Ultimate Edition coming

Spider-Man Crawlspace Reviews Superior Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, & More

Somehow I not only got over a week ahead with scheduled posts, but also behind on review posts. So this post will be different than usual instead of posting the actual snippets from the reviews I will only have a link to them. With that said here are the links to the Guest Reviews from the guys at Spider-Man Crawlspace for Marvel's Marvel Knights Spider-Man #2, The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5, Superior Spider-Man #21, Superior Spider-Man Annual #1, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #6, Thunderbolts #18, Scarlet Spider #24, Superior Carnage #5, and Superior Spider-Man #22. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2 - 99 Problems... Two of Five

Spider-Man’s got 99 problems...and a race against time is one of them!

Spider-Man finds himself thousands of miles above the planet, fighting for his life against some of his greatest foe

Marvel Knights’ Matt Kindt and Marco Rudy bring you the Wall-Crawler you love as you’ve never seen him before!


Read the Review at Indigo Tribe

Images Unplugged Rating - 2/2/2/3 - 2.4 (5/10)

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5


You can't steal the head of Silvermane without severe repercussions - a lesson the Foes are about to learn the hard way!

Don't miss out on the next action-packed chapters of the sleeper hit of Superior Spider-Month!


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 2/3/3/4 - 3.3 (6.5/10)

Superior Spider-Man #21 - Lethal Ladies

Stunner is back and wants revenge for the only man she ever loved - Otto Octavius!

How will she avenge him? By killing the Superior Spider-Man!


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 5/5/4/5 - 4.9 (10/10)

Superior Spider-Man Annual #1 - Hostage Crisis

This ain't no regular Annual, buck-o! This one counts!

BLACKOUT is back, and he wants to re-establish his reputation by killing the toughest guy in town... Spider-Man!

He plans to force Peter Parker Spidey into a trap. Blackout's leverage? Aunt May!

The world will never look at Superior Spider-Man the same after this. BE THERE!


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 4/3/4/4 - 3.7 (7.5/10)

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #6 - The "Superior" Six: Part 2


Spider-Man has formed his own SUPERIOR super-hero team... out of the SINISTER SIX!

As Spider-Man deals with the challenges his new team poses, Lightmaster makes his move!

Can Spider-Man trust his new team, aka his greatest enemies, when a reformed Masters of Evil come calling?


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 3/4/5/5 - 4.4 (9/10)

Thunderbolts #18


Mobsters, aliens, broken promises, and now...THIS???

Things could not go more wrong for the Thunderbolts...


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 3/2/3/2 - 2.3 (4.5/10)

Scarlet Spider #24 - Hands Covered In Blood Part 1

The stunning aftermath of Into the Grave has arrived!

His encounter with Kraven the Hunter forced the Scarlet Spider to make some immense sacrifices. Now Kaine has to make a choice...one that may see him leaving his new life forever.

Chris Yost, Erik Burnham and Carlo Barberi bring you the decisive moment in the life of The Scarlet Spider!


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 3/4/4/4 - 3.9 (8/10)

Superior Carnage #5

Superior Showdown! Superior Spider-Man versus Superior Carnage-but does the Wizard have one more trick in his mind-controlling hat?

Has Carnage become unleashed for good?

The most nefarious and wicked miniseries of the year comes to an epic conclusion!


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 4/4/5/4 - 4.1 (8/10)

Superior Spider-Man #22 - Darkest Hours, Part 1 of 4

The first issue in THE DARKEST HOUR - the Spider-Event of the year!

Flash Thompson, the Secret Avenger known as Venom, is back in town for his first run-in with the Superior Spider-Man!

Will their first encounter be friendly, or will Flash sense something perilous about Peter Parker's presence?


Read the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating - 4/4/4/4 - 4 (8/10)

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