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Gears of War The Card Game by Steamforged Games Coming Soon

Steamforged Games announced in 2020 that they were teaming up with Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition to bring gamers Gears of War: The Card Game. Today they revealed the game will officially be released in 2023. Little has been revealed about the game beyond to teaser images of the new cards, and three colored decks hinting at separate factions. Description Gears of War: The Card Game offers an immersive way to enjoy Gears of War in a brand new format. In this story-driven campaign style game, the decisions you make in each narrative scenario have serious consequences on the battlefield in those that follow. Strike at the right moment, making your cards work together, fight together, and stand together and, if necessary, die together. Choose how to develop your force as you play through unique narrative scenarios, each with their own objective and terrain layout. Each win or loss will affect the contents of your deck in the next scenario, allowing success or failure to impact your ex

@deviantART Picks: Week of 1/05/2013 #Avengers #Punisher #Hobbit

Here are my deviantART Picks for the week of 1/05/2013-1/11/2013. Each week I highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. It's a new year and a new week and there are a total of 33 awesome art picks. If you missed any of my previous deviantART picks go check them out.

Last 4 Weeks Picks

Reverse-Flash by wyv1

MARVEL by MarcFerreira

Superkids by DerekRodenbeck

Catwoman by brenpeeples

Lady Death by MDiPascale

Web Slingers "Spider-Man & Spider-Girl" by J-Scott-Campbell inks and colors by J-Skipper

Justice Magazine Cheetara by Artgerm

The King of Cats "Lion-O" by CoranKizerStone

Red Lantern #24 by sjsegovia

Redhood and the Outlaws #24 by sjsegovia

Flash vs Captain Cold by TomRaney

Indy by diablo2003

Cazadora by JasonMetcalf

Death by DAlexisStPierre

Starfire by DAlexisStPierre

Legolas by DanielGovar

X-Men Legacy by ToddNauck

Power Girl by ToddNauck

Punisher by mdavidct

The Punisher by Ace-Continuado

Batgirl by daxiong

Cammy by kate-niemczyk

Lara Croft by kate-niemczyk

Red Sonja by Elias-Chatzoudis

Harley and Ivy 1 by tombancroft

Harley and Ivy 2 by tombancroft

Harley and Ivy 3 by tombancroft

Wolverine by MARCIOABREU7

Supergirl by Kanish

Dorothy and Toto by jamietyndall

War Machine by Livio27

Two-Face by SpiderGuile

Wonder Woman by AdamMasterman


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