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Akropolis by Gigamic and Hachette BoardGames Coming Soon

Hachette Games and Gigamic announced the upcoming tile placement game Akropolis will be coming to the US on July 1st 2022. "Construct the most prestigious Akropolis and develop cohesive districts for your citizens. As you create new buildings, you will expand your city - either spreading out or building up. The higher your stacks of tiles, the more valuable the buildings! Just make sure you don't run out of stone; it's a finite and valuable resource for every architect!" Gameplay Overview Take on the role of an architect and build your own akropolis in ancient Greece. Try to construct districts of similar buildings and stack them high to increase their value. Add plazas as multipliers for even more points! Each turn, choose an available tile and add it to your city. The further down the construction site the tile is, the more stone you'll need to pay to take it. Immediately add the tile to your city, either expanding outward or stacking higher. Once all tiles hav

Spider-Man Crawspace Reviews @Marvel Superior Spider-Man #19

Here is today's Guest Reviews from the guys at Spider-Man Crawlspace for Marvel's; Superior Spider-Man #19. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Superior Spider-Man #19 - 1.21 Giga-Whats?!

Necessary Evil CONCLUDES!

The moment that changes world of Spider-Man-- and the Marvel Universe for years to come.

Which Spider-Man is responsible for such a thing? Spider-Man 2099 or the Superior Spider-Man?

Major developments for both Spider-Man's cast... and for the future.


Spidey 2099


Jammit! All shock is breaking loose and tearing the bits out of Horizon Labs! Can Spider-Pus and Spidey 2099 save the day in time before everything is destroyed FOREVER?! Read to find out!


I have to imagine that the working title for this issue was “THINGS HAPPEN”. Much like the Smythe three-parter, the third issue packs so much payoff from the consequences of its story that it’s hard not to feel totally satisfied. With issue#19 we’ve got the end of Horizon Labs, the birth of Alchemax, the exile of Max Modell and friends (well, the white ones anyway), Miguel O’Hara being stuck in our timeline, Carlie confirming what she damn well already knew, Mary Jane telling Peterpus off, Ock being gone for a period of time and clearly having gone through some sort of trauma, and, most intriguingly, Peter seemingly returning in Ock’s mind. In the last episode of the SPIDER-MAN CRAWLSPACE PODCAST, Brad said he felt #18 had nothing new to offer and didn’t progress the story. I triple-dog dare him to say that about this issue.

The thing is, I’m not a believer in calling a story a complete success just because the plot moves forward. It all comes down to how it’s handled. Granted for the most part Slott writes it well, but I’m hesitant in putting this close to an “A” grade. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very solid issue. Things happened that we wanted to see, were interested in seeing develop, and never thought we would see. So what’s my deal? What’s holding me back from heaping tons of praise on this?


Okay, well one thing I know I can talk about is Stegman’s art. Specifically with this issue, I come away thinking that the man is a talented but inconsistent penciller. His people leave some things to be desired, and this is most apparent during the group and crowd scenes where everyone is staring at shiny, glowy things. There are so many times where the Horizon group look nonplussed and uninterested in the “END ALL, BE ALL” happenings that are going on around them. In the first page, Hector looks as though he’s not even paying attention and staring off into space. In the scene where Jameson arrives and chews out Modell, everyone in the background is looking off into different directions despite the fact that New York is about to turn into a smoking crater at any second. It’s the kind of art style or lack thereof that takes me out of the story. I know Stegman has a lot of fans right now, but this type of work where the script demands energy and emotion and the artwork denotes a sense of boredom and confusion says to me that the fellow has a bit of a ways to go before he can live up to his acclaim.

Read the rest of the Review at Spider-Man Crawlspace

Images Unplugged Rating

Cover & Solicit - 4
Art, Colors & Inking - 4
Layout & Flow - 5
Story - 5
Verdict - 4.6 (9/10) - 
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