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Terracotta Army by Board&Dice Coming Soon

  Board&Dice revealed the cover art and additional information about their upcoming game Terracotta Army by designers Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, and a solo mode by Dávid Turczi. Terracotta Army is an area majority and worker placement game where players work together to build armies of terracotta statues with the player earning the most victory points being declared the winner. "Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army. In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues." During the game, players collect resources, upgrade their workers, and seek favor with the emperor's advisors. The goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and each player'

Imagination Centre Reviews @DCComics Arkham War #1 @JohnMcCubbin3

Here are today's Guest Reviews by John McCubbin from Imagination Centre for DC's Forever Evil: Arkham War #1. I have also added my rating after each review. If you have any questions about my rating or want to discuss anything just leave me a comment.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 - Batman Death March

As FOREVER EVIL hits the world, no corner of the DC Universe is in worse shape than Gotham City! Madness and mayhem hit the streets as both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison unleash their prisoners upon the helpless citizens of Gotham. And with no Dark Knight to protect the city, what horrors will follow?


There is Only Bane

Although the Villains Month prequels in the Scarecrow and Bane issues weren't as good as I hoped they would I have still been looking forward to this series, with this being the only mini-series from Forever Evil that I'll be getting bar Forever Evil itself.


With Bane's arrival near, Scarecrow turns to Penguin for advice on how to deal with him.


This was surprisingly a very good opening issue for the series, as I half expected the first issue to be of the same quality level that the Villains Month prequels were. Peter J. Tomasi did however do a very good job of kicking this off, giving people who missed Villains Month a reader friendly issue, whilst also allowing people who read the prequels a better reading experience. The issue itself was also brilliantly paced, as even the slower sequences had the perfect mood and tone, with the exciting moments also being very explosive, and dramatic. Tomasi also did a great job of adding as many villains as he could without it feeling forced, and I was very happy that he added a smaller villain like Professor Pyg.

The artwork on this issue was also amazing, and Scot Eaton did a fantastic job. The detail throughout the issue was brilliant, with everything being very consistent. I also really enjoyed the way that Eaton laid his artwork out, as it helped with the overall pace of the issue, adding a lot of depth, and also being very dynamic. Eaton also did a brilliant job with the character movement, and expression in this issue as well, as it allowed for so much more excitement and drama, also adding even more depth to the issue. I also loved how Eaton drew Bane, as he managed to make him look like the monster that he is, showing the intensity that he brings, which isn't easy considering you can't show much facial expressions.

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My Rating

Cover & Solicit - 3
Art, Colors & Inking - 4
Layout & Flow - 5
Story - 4
Verdict - 4 (8/10) - 
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John McCubbin is a blogger at http://imaginationcentre.blogspot.co.uk/ and a comic book reviewer at Comic Vine. The use of this review has been authorized by the original author.


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