December's @LootCrate Box Theme is CONSOLEWARS #XboxOne #PS4 #LEGO

Console Wars

Both factions have launched their newly designed Super Console Destroyers, continuing the epic Console Wars for another decade! No one side seems poised to win unless an exclusive hero title comes along to lead one side to victory.

This month we are sending you apparel and gear to help you prepare for the Console Wars. You don't want to miss out on these epic & exclusive items, so make sure to subscribe today before we run out of crates for this month! If you're a new subscriber make sure to use code CONSOLEWARS to save $3 on your first subscription!

So What is LootCrate? Basically you pay $13.37 a month ($11.67 mo if you pay for 6 months) + S&H, and they send you cool Geek + Gamer items. The boxes range from pictures, stickers and cardboard toys, t-shirts, to action figures and PoP! Vinyl figures. They even giveaway a Mega Crate each month valued at $250+.

Be sure to Sign up TODAY and use code CONSOLE WARS to SAVE $3 - there is a chance we may sell out this month before December 19th at 9PM Pacific!

You can see a preview of the MEGA CRATE below;

Mega Crate Reveal!

This month's Mega Crate is brought to you by LEGO

This month's Mega Crate is full of the perfect holiday stocking stuffers...If your stockings are extremely oversized! If you don't have a stocking then we're hooking you up with an awesome retro 8-bit one! The LEGO Death Star is over 16 inches tall and comes with over 20 minifigs! Remember only current subscribers have a chance of winning the Mega Crate, So hurry up and subscribe!

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