Exclusive Previews: Chapter 1 of @TopCow's Aphrodite IX and Son of Merlin TPB @TopCowMatt

If you haven't had the chance to read the new Aphrodite IX or Son of Merlin by Top Cow, now is your chance. Aphrodite IX comes out today in TPB and Son of Merlin come out November 13th. You can see the exclusive preview of the first chapter from both books by clicking Read More. Also check out my ratings and reviews for Aphrodite IX #1, Aphrodite IX #2-4, and Aphrodite IX #5.

Aphrodite IX: Rebirth

Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics

(W) Matt Hawkins
(A) Stjepan Sejic


Hundreds of years after a cataclysmic event scorched the surface, Earth and its inhabitants have been forever altered and a new landscape and political struggle has taken hold between two distinct factions fighting for control. Aphrodite IX is both anachronism and advanced technology in a world that she no longer recognizes. To survive in this future, she must choose sides in a war that she wants no part in.

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Son Of Merlin

Publisher: Top Cow/Image Comics/Studio HVE

(W) Robert Place Napton
(A) Zid


Simon Ambrose is a brilliant young professor at MIT. As a man of science, he does not put much stock in faith. When he discovers that he is the bastard son of the world's greatest wizard, Merlin, he is forced to put his skepticism aside and embrace a world of magic . . . and the mayhem it embodies.

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