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51st State Ultimate Edition by Portal Games Coming Soon to Gamefound

Portal Games announced the 51st State Ultimate Edition is coming soon to Gamefound and will included new content with the crowdfunding campaign The campaign launches in February 2022 with component upgrades, reprints of hard-to-find content, and a new expansion, No Man’s Land, designed by Ignacy Trzewiczek. 51st State was originally published in 2010, and was a breakout success for Portal Games. Set in the same universe as the fan favorite Neuroshima Hex , 51st State offered players a new way to fight for resources in the wastelands of America. The release of the 51st State Master Set in 2016 brought together the core game and both the original expansions, Winter and New Era in one box with an all-new look and improved gameplay. Three additional expansions have since been released for the Master Set, growing the line to a fan favorite. Portal Games wants to give players the definitive experience they deserve with the 51st State Ultimate Edition.  The 51st State Ultimate Edition coming

@Marvel Announced New Zombie Series Empire of the Dead by @OfficialRomero

So you have to ask yourself is there such a thing as too many Zombie books. Well of course the answer is no, and it's hell no if George A Romero (Night of the Living Dead) is involved. Marvel has announced a new series written by the famed director titled Empire of the Dead which will feature art by Alex Maleev.

The title was hinted by Romero in 2012, but will be on-hand for Marvel's Cup ‘O Joe panel at New York Comic Con. Romero says this new series promises a "new predator" in addition to zombies a post-plague New York. The setting is a departure for Romero, who set and shot all of his zombie films in and around Pennsylvania.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said this about the new series:

"George A. Romero singlehandedly created the zombie genre that’s captured the public imagination for decades. Now, his unique vision for the silver screen comes to life on the comic book page – a chilling rumination on human nature and man’s place in the food chain, served with a terrifying twist."

Empire of the Dead arrives in January.


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