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Terracotta Army by Board&Dice Coming Soon

  Board&Dice revealed the cover art and additional information about their upcoming game Terracotta Army by designers Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, and a solo mode by Dávid Turczi. Terracotta Army is an area majority and worker placement game where players work together to build armies of terracotta statues with the player earning the most victory points being declared the winner. "Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army. In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues." During the game, players collect resources, upgrade their workers, and seek favor with the emperor's advisors. The goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and each player'

Grant Gustin from Glee will be Barry Allen "The Flash" on CW's Arrow Season 2

You've likely heard the announcement that Barry Allen will be speeding his way to visit Ollie on upcoming episodes of Arrow on the CW. The word was this could lead into a spin-off show based on the Flash. Warner Bros. announced they've found their Flash. Grant Gustin from Fox's Glee has been cast and will appear in  3 episodes (208, 209 and 220) of Arrow.

I don't watch Glee and therefore can't tell you about his acting chops, but I can tell you I'm not a fan of the particular age. They are planning on having him play a young (21-23 year old) assistant police forensic investigator. The problem I see is the actor they have playing Oliver (Stephen Amell) is in his 30's and looks it. What I'm afraid is they will try to make a new "Love Triangle" with Roy (Colton Haynes) and Ollie's sister Thea (Willa Holland). And personally I would hate that. It's actually the main downer from Season 1. I understand CW's primary target audience is female ages 16-40 but they don't have to make every show on their channel about "smexy" guys and love triangles. Lets hope this gets done well. I also hope that maybe they will be introducing the character w/o the Speed Force. I just don't' see super powers working well in the universe they have already created.

Warner Bros has included this description of Barry which lets us know what their take will likely be:
"BARRY ALLEN is a Central City assistant police forensic investigator who arrives in Starling to look into a series of unexplained robberies that may have a connection to a tragedy in his past. A comic book fan boy, Barry is obsessed with the Arrow unaware that working with Oliver and Felicity to solve the crime has brought him right into the dangerous world of the vigilante."


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