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Steamforged Games Acquires Euthia

Steamforged Games, leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher (Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game , Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game , Bardsung , Epic Encounters , and more) announce acquisition of the Euthia IP and a partnership with Czech studio, Diea Games, to resurrect the Euthia board game crowdfunding campaign that was cancelled in May  this year after raising over half a million dollars in just two days.  Euthia, rated 8.8 on BoardGameGeek and currently out-of-print, is an open-world fantasy sandbox RPG board game that initially ran on Kickstarter in 2020 and was well-received by the public. Described as Diablo-esque by reviewers, the game can be played competitively, solo, or cooperatively. News of the cancellation of the second crowdfunding campaign was felt throughout the tabletop community. With Steamforged's support, Diea Games are now able to realise their dream of becoming a full-time development studio and can continue their w

Featured Review: The Adventures of Aero-Girl #1 by @DewayneFeenstra @AxurEneas

The Adventures of Aero-Girl #1

Everything is perfect in Jacqueline Mackenzie's life: she is the star of the gymnastic team and is coming into her own as Aero-Girl. What could possibly go wrong?

A teen hero dealing with the death of her mentor and father with the help of a super powered gorilla.



I was emailed by the creators of the self-published title The Adventures of Aero-Girl. They asked me if I'd like a copy of the book to review. This was originally a Kickstarter project that due to generous donations has seen the light of day in a 4 issue mini-series. The first issue is currently available digitally in both English and Spanish on Indy Planet.

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic

Cover & Solicit 4/5

The cover for this issue is a great example of the art your going to get by Axur Eneas in this issue. It shows our to protagonists Aero-Girl and Battle Jack surrounded by a group of baddies. I'm not normally a fan of word-bubbles but these fit pretty well without getting overwhelming to the rest of the cover.

Art, Colors & Inking 5/5

As I mentioned the art in this issue is provided by Axur Eneas with colors by Juan Pablo Riebeling. I love what Eneas is doing with this book. It has a real fun and cartoon style going for it and all the lines and really smooth. While cartoon style can go wrong, this is completely right, and I would actually love seeing this in an animated format. The coloring by Riebeling is outstanding as well. He shows great depth of range, changing from tones and colors during the nighttime battle and the daytime scenes.

Layout & Flow 5/5

The team of Eneas, DeWayne Feenstra (writer) and Adam Wollet (letterer) do an excellent job of telling the story in an easy to follow manner. They provide a great jumping on point, and then evolve into some backstory before getting you back to the action.

Story 5/5

As I mentioned the story is written by DeWayne Feenstra (Midnight Tiger) and does an excellent job of getting you involved from the beginning. The story starts with Aero-Girl and her father/mentor Battle Jack patrolling the city for criminal activity. Feenstra does a great job of character interaction and demonstrating emotional ties between Jacqueline (Aero-Girl) and Jack. We then get treated to our first battle between the duo and the Circus Gang, with Aero-Girl pretty much saving the day. We get to see another great interation of characters as Feenstra introduces Jacqueline's mother and the sit-down between Jack and Jacqueline as the talk about the Battle Spirit and what it means to be it's herald. In the end we get to meet the main villain of the series Dr. Chimera and unfortunate events means the Battle Spirit might be changing hands. I can't wait for the next issue and definitely suggest you support Feenstra and company in their self-published title so we can see more of it.

Verdict 4.9 (Buy The Adventures of Aero-Girl #1)

You can find more information about The Adventures of Aero-Girl at their website www.aero-girl.com, like them on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AdventuresofAeroGirl and follow them on Twitter: @DewayneFeenstra, @AxurEneas, @JohnnyCago, @AdamWollett.


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