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Akropolis by Gigamic and Hachette BoardGames Coming Soon

Hachette Games and Gigamic announced the upcoming tile placement game Akropolis will be coming to the US on July 1st 2022. "Construct the most prestigious Akropolis and develop cohesive districts for your citizens. As you create new buildings, you will expand your city - either spreading out or building up. The higher your stacks of tiles, the more valuable the buildings! Just make sure you don't run out of stone; it's a finite and valuable resource for every architect!" Gameplay Overview Take on the role of an architect and build your own akropolis in ancient Greece. Try to construct districts of similar buildings and stack them high to increase their value. Add plazas as multipliers for even more points! Each turn, choose an available tile and add it to your city. The further down the construction site the tile is, the more stone you'll need to pay to take it. Immediately add the tile to your city, either expanding outward or stacking higher. Once all tiles hav

@deviantART Picks: Week of 7/28/2013

Here are my deviantART Picks for the week of 7/28/2013. Each week I will highlight artists work that I follow on deviantART. This week I have 24 awesome pieces for you. If you missed any of my previous deviantART picks go check them out.

Last 4 Weeks Picks

Joker's Precious Gift by Debuhista

Doctor Who - The Last Blue Sonic Flashes by MatiasSoto

Hellgirl by Randy Green & SurfTiki

New X-Men Surge by RandyGreen

Hellboy by TomRaney & SpicerColor

Black Cat by Vinz-El-Tabanas

Superman by Denart

Wolverine by MatteoScalera

Harry Potter and Hedwig by Dustin Evans

200 Tiny Characters Wallpaper by MarcioTakara

Batgirl by MarcioTakara

Korra by MikeMaihack

Yukio by MikeMaihack

Justice MagJun the Swan by ArtGerm

Justice Mag - Poison Ivy by ArtGerm

Two Dee Powergirl by Elsevilla

Diamond form Emma Frost by Peter-V-Nguyen

Babydoll by WarrenLouw

Lady Death by Elias-Chatzoudis

No Tomorrow by ToolKitten

Blurr n Swerve by DCJosh

Dr. Mrs by DanHowardArt

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox by AlexGarner


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