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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

Guest Review: @DCComics Stormwatch #16

Stormwatch #16 Cover

Betrayal, Part Two: The Hunt for Midnighter

Midnighter must die!

The unthinkable happens when StormWatch’s mission to capture the renegade Midnighter turns into an assassination plot!

Don’t miss the stunning (and permanent) transformation of a StormWatch member!



With a Twist! Original Review by Grifter78 at Comic Vine

The saga of Harry Tanner vs. Stormwatch comes to a head this issue. It's a storyline that's been building since Paul Cornell's original run. But the build-up may have hurt the story in the end. Even the twist at the end with one of the characters (which was kind of ruined by the solicits) isn't enough pay-off. But despite these things, still another decent issue of Stormwatch.

I'm going to start off by focusing on something I think has been extremely consistent in the last few months which is Will Conrad's art. I love his rendition of the characters and he's gotten to draw some awesome scenes during his run. However, due to time constraints I would imagine, he's had fill-in artists help him finish each issue. Now the fill-in artists have not been bad at all. Here we have Eduardo Pansica and Julio Ferreira. If we must have fill-in artists, I'm glad they got some that match Conrad's style. I think Conrad is one of the best artists DC has right now and I'm glad to see he's going to be doing Stormwatch for a while.

Now, concerning the story. This is the climax of the Harry Tanner vs. Stormwatch storyline which has been in the background of the title since Cornell's run ended at issue 6. I have been thoroughly enjoying it because I have enjoyed Harry as a villain. Some complained that he fooled Stormwatch too easily but I argued that by the nature of his powers, he would be able to fool everyone except Midnighter. And that's exactly what happened. However, because it's been built-up for so long, the ironic thing is I felt it was wrapped up too fast. I wanted to see more of Harry manipulating Stormwatch but it's obvious they wanted to move on to the twist.

Now, the change in one of the characters that creates the twist for the issue is not far-fetched because it's feeding off of something Milligan planted at the beginning of his run. My disappointment is that this development was spoiled by solicits of future issues. So it kind of killed the surprise. That aside, while most people will not like where this character is going, I have to admit it's an interesting twist. I just hope it'll play out well.

Stormwatch is still a solid title and I'm hoping for the best, but I can't help but worry with the declining monthly sales. I can easily see how this book could morph into The Authority title just like it did in the old Wildstorm Universe, but I'm not sure if that's what DC intends to do. Regardless, I hope they keep these characters going because with the Voodoo and Grifter titles gone, it's the only original New 52 launch title pulled from Wildstorm that's left. Here's to hoping!

Score 3/5

What I Thought

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Cover & Solicit - 4/5
Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5
Layout & Flow - 4/5
Story - 4/5
Verdict - 4

I never read the original Stormwatch series so decided to give it a try with the New 52. So far I have been pleased with the book. There are moments that seem slow, but for the most part is has been entertaining. This issue was no different and I'm glad they didn't keep playing the ignorance card by the other member of the team, I mean really only Midnighter saw him for who he was. I'm puzzled by the shocking ending in this book and can't wait for the next issue. Like Grifter78 though I'm afraid of what DC has planned, they just keep canceling all of their Wildstorm books, and when Martian Manhunter left I was sure this would be next.

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Joe David Soliz is a blogger at http://www.wildstormaddiction.com/ and a comic book reviewer at Comic Vine. The use of this review has been authorized by the original author.


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