X-Men #39 - The Boneyard, Part 2 Review

X-Men #39 Review

X-Men #39 Cover
Domino teams up with Daredevil to take down Armitage!

Action! Adventure! Romance!?

But whose side will Domino take in the end?

Cover/Solicit - 4/5

- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?

Art - 3/5

- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?

Colors/Ink/Lettering - 2/5

- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?

Layout/Flow - 3/5

- Does the layout of the issue make it easy to read? Does the issue have a good flow of the plot and keep me engaged?

Story - 3/5

- Weighted Triple. How well did the issue further develop the current story? How well did the issue further develop the characters? Did I enjoy reading the issue?

Verdict - 3

- I really like this Domino cover, Gangsta. I don't know what happened from X-Men #38 - The Boneyard, Part 1, but for some reason the coloring and inking appeared to suffer more. I still don't care for the artist but sometimes that can be solved by a good colorist or inker. The issue continues from the last but there seems to be a continuity lag in when this takes place. When Daredevil offers to put in a good word to the Avengers, Domino says she wants to go solo for awhile, yet we will still see her in this title and the new Cable and X-Force. This is a fun story so I recommend reading it, and if you like the art style all the better.

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