Review: Ultimate Comics Iron Man #3

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #3

Demon in the Armor, Part 3 of 4


Tony and Rhodey against a sky full of Stark drones!

What secret lies in Howard Stark's past, and what does Tony know about it?

Iron Man comes face to face with THE MANDARIN!



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Cover & Solicit 4/5

I like the art of this issues cover, but I really don't care for the imagery. It's just a simple shot of Tony looking at his mask as an homage to Hamlet. The cover also really doesn't fit the issue or the story arc IMO.

Art, Colors & Inking 5/5

I'm really liking the art for this series. The detail is excellent and the colors blend well without loosing anything. I did question the decision on Rhodey's hair but otherwise the art was superb.

Layout & Flow 5/5

This issue didn't have as much pacing issue as the first, and did a good job of jumping from location to location and even flashbacks.

Story 5/5

The plot of the issue continues from where Iron Man #2 ended with Tony and Rhodey fighting a group of Stark Drones that were taken over by the Mandarin. After dispensing the drones Stark reveals that the Mandarin has access to all his tech except his satellite system, which requires his DNA. Stark eventually realizes he knows where the Mandarin Group is and goes to an island owned by his family to investigate. This series has been a great read and the buildup to who or what the Mandarin is in the Ultimate Universe has been great. My only disappointment with only one issue left is if they will reveal if The Mandarin is going to be and individual or just and organization and a facade. Reminds me a bit of Iron Man 3's story at that point. I highly recommend reading this series if you are at all interested in Marvel's Ultimate Universe.

Verdict 4.9

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