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Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17

The Neutrinos


He is a warlord, a genius, and a squishy pink brain. He is General Krang. One of the most signature villains in TMNT history, Krang has an arsenal and wit unlike any other villain. This issue starts a story arc that reveals Krang's master plan and sees the TMNT come into direct confrontation with one of their mightiest enemies!



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Cover & Solicit 4/5

I liked the normal retail cover and the retail incentive but the alternate cover by Kuhn is just hard on the eyes. Also the coloring doesn't pop off the shelf. The solicit makes the impression that the turtles will fight Krang, while Krang is the featured villain in this arc, in this issue they don't meet him.

Art, Colors & Inking 3/5

I'm glad we have another artist on board after the last run, but again I'm not a big fan. It seems like most of the artists are trying to mimic Eastman's style, and I for one wish they would stop.

Layout & Flow 5/5

The pacing of the issue was very well done as you jump between not only Dimension X and Earth, but the stories of Krang, the Turtles, the Neutrinos, and even a side story with Shredder. I also enjoyed the interaction between April and Chet Allen (Fugitoid). They also expanded on Casey's personality and while they show how much he likes April, he does come off a little chauvinistic.

Story 5/5

The issue starts with us in Dimension X watching Krang's troops invade the Neutrinos capital. Krang has brought Baxter Stockman to see what he plans. Meanwhile King Zenter sends Commander Zask for find Honeycutt (Chet Allen). Back on Earth we find the Turtles still recovering from last issue, when Splinter instructs them to find their way again. They set on a mission to discover what is going on at Krang's labs. April decides to get Chet to help her and stages a meeting in the park. Next thing we know the Neutrinos arrive and a battle ensues before they are all pulled into Dimension X. The side story involves Shredder mentioning that he doesn't' consider a turtle his enemy but as a replacement. I can't wait to see where this story arc is heading, this series is a must read in my book.

Verdict 4.3

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