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Terracotta Army by Board&Dice Coming Soon

  Board&Dice revealed the cover art and additional information about their upcoming game Terracotta Army by designers Przemysław Fornal and Adam Kwapiński, and a solo mode by Dávid Turczi. Terracotta Army is an area majority and worker placement game where players work together to build armies of terracotta statues with the player earning the most victory points being declared the winner. "Emperor Qin Shi Huang has passed away. To protect him in the afterlife, a great army in the form of statues of faithful warriors must be assembled to stand guard in the Emperor's tomb. You will be among those tasked with building this magnificent army. In Terracotta Army, you represent talented craftsmen and artists laboring to build the wondrous assembly of statues." During the game, players collect resources, upgrade their workers, and seek favor with the emperor's advisors. The goal is to play a crucial role in the process of creating the terracotta army, and each player'

Review: Astonishing X-Men #57

Astonishing X-Men #57 Cover

Warbird Under Arrest


Warbird takes Manhattan! What secret is she hiding, and will it endanger the team?



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Cover & Solicit 4/5

I always like covers that show reflections or subtle cues similar to The Walking Dead #105's cover with Carl. This one has Warbird and her swords with Wolverine and Gambit in the reflection. While this doesn't happen in the issue, it's a nice artistic piece.

Art, Colors & Inking 3/5

While I don't hate this issues art I'm not a fan either. It seems like they were trying to go for a cutesy style, that not only came off wrong, but personally I don't feel fits Warbird. I also found the colors and detail to be a little light.

Layout & Flow 4/5

The issue does a pretty good job with pacing and flow without getting boring. While not new reader friendly they do give a little background into Warbird and who she is. Some of them are just subtle thru images others are actually talked about.

Story 5/5

The plot of this issue involves Warbird and how she is coping on Earth. They reveal she has never seen snow because her people can't heat their own blood, which is a nice little factoid that while not needed gives additional depth to Warbird and her race. When Warbird finds an article about a device she thought had been destroyed by the Shi'ar long ago of an alien race they destroyed, she rushes off to investigate. The X-Men are soon called in and try to intervene before she gets into trouble. There is a scene that involves Warbird being attacked by the alien and him using the device that I felt doesn't come off new reader friendly. He states that the device puts anyone into a dreamlike state and will kill the Shi'ar because they do not imagination. We know that Warbird is different from Wolverine & the X-Men #13 - Born Warbird where it was revealed that she used to draw as a child and was considered "broken". Without this little piece of knowledge this interaction and her later drawing pictures in her unconscious state can come off odd. This was a very interesting start to this story arc, and I can't wait to see where this story is headed and will definitely pick up the next issue.

Verdict 4.1

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