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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

Guest Reviews: Batman #15 - But Here's the Kicker; Red Light, Green Light

Batman #15 Review

Batman #15 Cover
The Bat-Family Together Original Review by Johnkmccubbin91 at Comic Vine

I have been enjoying this series overall since it started, but this story in particular has been one of the best Batman stories in the last few years. Scott Snyder has really done something wonderful in this story, and he's written Joker excellently, bringing him back to the Batman series in shocking fashion.


This issue sees the continuation from the last with Batman tied up on the bridge with Joker. After an explosion Batman captures Joker but is affected by his Joker Toxin. He latter wakes up to find the whole Bat-Family waiting for him, looking for answers.

The backup story shows Joker in Arkham Asylum persuading the Riddler to break out and join in on the fun.


The Whole Family's Here
Another amazing issue, in this fabulous story. Snyder has continued what he's been doing throughout this series, and kept the suspense, and drama in this issue. The way Snyder introduced the remaining members of the Bat-Family into the main part of Death of the Family was brilliant, and he write all the different characters perfectly. He continues to show Joker's psychotic side, as well as his unpredictability, and he's doing a great job in making the Joker more sadistic. He also done a brilliant job of introducing Riddler into this story along with James Tynion IV in the backup story, but I'll talk more about that later.

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But Here’s the Kicker Original Review by Batwatch at Comic Vine

Despite the fact that I came down somewhat hard on the last issue of Batman with its supernatural Joker killing dozens of guards with a sweep of his hand, the hype seems to be getting to me because I found myself positively giddy to get started with this issue. Does Batman #15 live up to its hype, or does it prove to be but an average comic wrapped in a supernatural media storm?


In this issue, Batman confronts Joker, suffers a disturbing dream, and has an unpleasant discussion with the Family.


The New Darker Joker?

All throughout this arc, people, both inside and outside of the comic itself, have been talking about how this is a darker Joker than we have ever seen, and people like me have been saying, “I don’t think so.” Joker is already about as dark a character as you can possibly have. When comparing villains for sociopathic deeds, no one can top the Clown Prince of Crime. People seem to be mistaking a higher body count as “darkness,” but the soul of Joker is no more dastardly than usual. Is this a darker Joker? No, but that is not a failing of the story because it would be virtually impossible to make the Joker any darker.

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Kiss my Hand Original Review by Tomlikesfries at Comic Vine


Snyder continues to amaze me, as he proves to be a most fitting writer for both Bats and the Joker. In fact, there's no actual point in reviewing a 'Batman' comic written by him anymore. He delivers brilliant issues every month. Now, I'd be wrong to say he does it all by himself. Capullo is one of the greatest Batman artists I've seen in a while. His cartoony style is absolutely gorgeous and it's basically eye candy. Throughout the pages, he manages to set the dark and mysterious tone perfectly, with the rainy scenario and facial expressions that display the characters' emotions brilliantly.

In this issue we get exceptional piece of dialogue between the Bat-Family, which basically steals the comic. It's always nice to see the family all together, but Snyder makes it even better by characterizing the Joker perfectly. He delivers the clown as dark as possible and even more unpredictable. We have absolutely no idea what he plots, and when Batman seems to finally have him in his clutches, the Joker has another trick up his sleeve.

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Batman #15 Variant Cover

What I Thought

Cover - 4/5
Art/Colors/Ink - 3/5
Layout/Flow - 4/5
Story - 4/5
Verdict - 3.7

The art for me in this issue seemed to fluctuate from great to just OK. At times Bruce looked too young, and I don't' know what they were thinking with Red Hood's mask (it seems like nobody can get it just right atm). This issue was a good lead in and something I've been missing from the other books in the Death of the Family arc. We find that Batman has been drugged by the Joker and when he awakes find the Bat-Family at his side. They have stopped Joker from poisoning the citizens but want to know why Bruce has been keeping secrets. What they find will shock them and bring dissension in the team, just like Joker wants. I did have one issue with the timing of the issue as it occurs after the events in Batgirl, meaning the shocking final pages of Batgirl #15 - Collision Part Two: Engagement aren't as nail-biting anymore. Can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this arc.

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John McCubbin is a blogger at http://imaginationcentre.blogspot.co.uk/ and Jeremy Sims is a blogger at https://batwatch.squarespace.com/. They are also comic book reviewers at Comic Vine. The use of their reviews have been authorized by the original authors.


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