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Guest Review: Green Lantern: New Guardians #15

Green Lantern: New Guardians #15 Cover

The Need for Greed


“Rise of the Third Army” continues!

What do you have to do to get the greedy Orange Lantern Larfleeze to share his power?

When the Third Army attacks, Larfleeze does the unthinkable and helps Kyle Rayner attempt to wield the orange power of avarice!

How can Kyle hold up his end of the bargain he struck with Larfleeze?



The Need for Greed Original Review by Tomlikesfries at Comic Vine

Rage vs. Greed
The Rise of the Third Army story-line on Green Lantern: New Guardians has so far been rather slow paced. However, do not take that as a bad thing. You see, each issue Bedard delivers Kyle channeling a lantern color. Here, he masters avarice with the help of Larfleeze. Tony does a fantastic job by exploring the Orange Lantern a bit more, and actually giving him emotions. In fact, he perfectly shows the difference in GL Rayner's nature once he masters avarice, by making him greedy as shown in the well done piece of dialogue.

The Third Army finally attacks Kyle here. Bedard makes sure to deliver intriguing action, especially because it's so much fun to see a single lantern using multiple rings in a battle. Well, not really rings, but the many colors Kyle has channeled.

Now, although the pacing is slow, this issue, despite being very fun, felt a bit rushed. Don't get me wrong, Bedard has written a very interesting and intriguing plot, but the way Kyle channels avarice, much like his mastering of fear, felt a bit rushed, as did the way they dealt with the Third Army. Nevertheless, as I said before, this a very enjoyable comic.

I am so glad Kuder is on the pencils. His cartoony style seems to fit the story perfectly, not to mention it's basically eye candy.

Overall, this was a very fun issue, despite the few flaws. Bedard is taking things nice and slow, despite the fact that this comic felt a little bit rushed. 

New Guardians #15 gets 7/10

What I Thought

See the Review Rating Overview page for more information on how I rate each comic.

Cover & Solicit - 5/5
Art, Colors, & Inking - 4/5
Layout & Flow - 4/5
Story - 5/5
Verdict - 4.6

New Guardians I feel is one of the few GL books that is trying to stay inside of their story with little deviation. The are of this book is better than last issue when they were changing artists, but I can't get over Kyle's mask. While it seems like Kyle is learning each color emotion quickly the writing is still well done. You don't feel rushed an it seems natural to how Kyle learns the ability. It was also nice to see how Kyle is having trouble handling these new emotions and holding them in check like Rage and Greed once he has the Orange Lantern. This has been a fun series and I can't wait until the final color is learned.

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Thomas is a comic book reviewer at Comic Vine. The use of this review has been authorized by the original author.


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