Star Trek: Into Darkness

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So I used my $8.00 Coupon and went to see Star Trek: Into Darkness last night. All I can say is that I was very pleased. Abrams did an excellent job of keeping his universe unique while staying true to the original. I enjoyed the little homages he threw into the movie like Spock's "The needs of the few, outweigh the needs of the many" and Bone's "I'm a doctor not a torpedo specialist." The movie was enjoyable and I'd recommend it to anyone. It was easy to follow even if you are uninformed about the original Khan or the genetically engineered humans from the 90s. One thing I did notice is the reveal of Khan was lackluster, they up played the music and it was supposed to be shocking and suspenseful but for me it wasn't. I also couldn't get over Abrams signature Lens-flare for his futuristic look. Actually I never noticed it in the first movie until somebody pointed it out, now it's hard to overlook. The movie also did a very good job or portraying emotion and I even found myself getting caught up in the scene reminiscent of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan, I don't want to give it away but you'll know when you see it. I watched the movie in 3D and while it was nice at first, like most 3D movies you eventually forget you are watching one. There were a few scenes at the end that benefited from the 3D but for the price I'd say skip it and watch the normal version.

Alice Eve in Into Darkness

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