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Wacky Wizard Games Imprint and Three New Games Announced by @wwizardgames

Wise Wizard Games announced the launch of Wacky Wizard Games, a new brand imprint focused on family-friendly, lightweight games. Three games are planned for release in 2024 as part of this new brand imprint: Star Realms Academy, Caution Signs, and Pack the Essentials. If you are interested and attending PAX Unplugged they will have prototypes of Caution Signs and Pack the Essentials. "We are super excited to be adding this new family friendly product line to our catalog. We wanted to maintain the focus of Wise Wizard Games on strategy card and dice games with geeky themes, and have created Wacky Wizard Games as an umbrella for lightweight games with a more whimsical, cute vibe," shared Debbie Moynihan, COO of Wise Wizard Games. Star Realms Academy Forge your own star realms, overloaded with cuteness! A kid friendly but still fun for grown-ups version of the popular Star Realms deckbuilding game for 2 players. A little less math, no reading necessary, but still tons of fun! 

Guest Reviews: Avengers #1 - Avengers World

Avengers #1 Review

Avengers #1 Cover
Avengers Assemble Original Review by Johnkmccubbin91 at Comic Vine

The newest Avengers series has finally come out and I was interested to see what a new writer would do with the series. I have never been the biggest fan of Jonathan Hickman's work but have always thought of him as a good writer. He did some amazing things during his time on Fantastic Four and although I only liked some of it, the things I did like were brilliant. I also enjoyed what I read of his The Manhattan Projects series for Image and was sad to have to drop the series after 5 issues due to having to lower my comic budget.


This issues introduces the Avengers and a new foe called Ex Nihilo. The issues shows how Ex Nihilo wants to evolve Earth into a new era and how he plans on using the Avengers to do that. This issue has the Avengers line up from the current The Avengers film featuring, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.


This was a brilliant start to what I hope will be an amazing Avengers series. Although Brian Michael Bendis did a terrific job on his huge Avengers run which started from Avengers Disassembled, and through the multiple Avengers titles that have came since, including The New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers, and Dark Avengers. A change in writer has however been needed as his previous Avengers series' where starting to lose the quality they used to have. Hickman has brought something new to the Avengers and sparked new life into the team. I don't however know if I like him bringing his sci-fi type of stories he did in Fantastic Four to Avengers. Although this style of writing isn't new to Avengers I'm not sure if it's what it needs just now. There are reasons I like this style and reasons I don't. I like how the Avengers are up against something new but at the same time I don't like how it resembles Hickman's work on Fantastic Four. Even the page at the start listing the Avenger members was similar to the list of the Future Foundation members in FF. I am however looking forward to seeing where Hickman's taking this series and hope it becomes a great series.

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Uncanny X-For--... I mean... Avengers Original Review by Tomlikesfries at Comic Vine


So we got Hickman on the writing and Opeña penciling... Needless to say, I had high expectations for this comic. Thankfully, they were fulfilled. The plot can be a little bit confusing at first, but as the story progresses, you'll easily understand. No doubt at all, the book was influenced by the Avengers movie, and, to be honest, I thought that was a really bad thing at first, but once I finished the comic I wanted the team to be the one shown in the high grossing movie. The thing is, the issue was so much fun with Cap, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Widow that in the end, I didn't want Spider-Man or Ms. Marvel to appear further on in the series.

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What I Thought

Cover - 4/5
Art - 4/5
Colors/Ink/Lettering - 4/5
Layout/Flow - 4/5
Story - 5/5
Verdict - 4.4

I was interested to see where they were going to take this series during the Marvel NOW! reboot, and so far I like it. Like most #1 issues this one had it's share of covers and most are pretty good, the normal cover combines with issues 2 & 3 to form a larger picture. I did find a few scenes where the art didn't work, for example Hulk running toward us in one panel, but otherwise it was a good fit. I was curious how they were going to bring in the new characters and if they were just going to be another team, but this issue provides a proper explanation of why the new Avengers are being recruited. I can't wait to read the next issue, especially since I'm unfamiliar with some of the new members.

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John McCubbin is a blogger at http://imaginationcentre.blogspot.co.uk/. Both Jeremy and Thomas are comic book reviewers at Comic Vine. The use of their reviews have been authorized by the original authors.


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