Action Comics #15 - Superman At The End of Days; For My Next Trick... Review

Action Comics #15 Review

Action Comics #15 Cover
Superman is on trial for his life – and the jury is the Anti-Superman Army! It’s the ultimate villains springing the ultimate trap at the end of time itself!

And the mystery that has built since issue #1 is resolved as the Little Man’s true identity is revealed – with grave consequences!

Plus, in the backup feature: A crucial piece of information is revealed!

Cover/Solicit - 3/5

- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?

Art - 4/5

- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?

Colors/Ink/Lettering - 4/5

- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?

Layout/Flow - 3/5

- Does the layout of the issue make it easy to read? Does the issue have a good flow of the plot and keep me engaged?

Story - 2/5

- Weighted Triple. How well did the issue further develop the current story? How well did the issue further develop the characters? Did I enjoy reading the issue?

Verdict - 2.9

- I was really unimpressed with the cover, at first it made no sense why Clark was dancing with somebody (Lana Lang) because he was on Mars in the last issue and then talking to Mrs. Nyxly. Also the solicit makes it seem that Superman is going to be fighting for his life the entire issue, where most of it is storytelling. There is also so much going on it seems messy and confusing. The art on the other-hand was pretty good and I really enjoyed the Mr. Mxyzptlk mini-stories art. Maybe it's me or maybe its the nature of a Mxyzptlk story but I had a hard time following the story. You get bounced around between different times from Superman's past, present, and future. You are also told a story by Nyxly. I also find it very hard to read the issue because of all the Imp names, I know DC likes them but I find them annoying and distracting because I'm trying to pronounce them in my head. I'll be happy when this arc is over.

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